If you are reading this then the title has caught your eye. Maybe because you think you are fat or the title has made you curious?

Whatever the reason for reading, We all carry fat on our bodies. Some carry more fat than others.

But YOU are not fat!

Why am I saying this?

When working with clients there is a very common thread, and I was exactly the same:

Low self-esteem!

When I was overweight. I used to loathe my body and berate it on a daily basis for being ‘fat’.

When I am thin then I will be happy and people will love me

I used to hide in big baggy clothes. I would avoid social occasions and I would rarely be in front of the camera. I would literally shrink in a bid to not be seen.


Gah I am so fat’ I would groan.

I didn’t feel good enough for society. Weak willed, judged by everyone. My shyness was exquisitely painful and I felt perpetually unhappy.

Fast forward over 20 years later and I have enjoyed a ten year career as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Fat Loss Coach. But even at the height of my career with 6 pack abs my head still thought I was fat!


Because of my script! The negative inner voice (audio version of the script) and the story of my past that was in my head. I believed that voice to be me and so my battle was relentless.

My identity was still the same because the script runs the same TV program everyday. And I was tuned into that TV channel.


The voice was telling me I was fat, not good enough and now to make it worse… I was a fraud!

The civil war was real! It really was a daily battle and the war was yet to be won.

I was exhausted and felt like I was going to lose the war with my ‘fat brain’ and succumb to being unhappy forever.

It was not my fault and it’s not yours!

Two years ago I had heard of a speaker talking about ‘being there’ ‘choosing’ and ‘the script’. I was curious. I had tried everything else and so went along.

‘You are not your script’ ‘Choose to ignore the script’ ‘when you are feeling bad, you are in your script’ ` Richard Wilkins would boom from the stage!

I sat in the audience feeling like a bolt of lightening had hit me!

You mean that voice in my head telling me I am not good enough and that I am fat is not me? You mean it’s not my fault?

It sounded too simple to be true!

But it was simple and it’s true. Through separating myself from my old beliefs, I have learned that I am not fat, I am good enough and there doesn’t need to be a reason to feel happy now. (for more information on Richard Wilkins and Broadband Consciousness then visit here: http://www.theministryofinspiration.com/)

I wasn’t fat. I had fat!!!! My fat didn’t define me. I was still the same person amazing inside worthy of love. I just had to tune into the right channel!

Fat is a temporary and physical thing but not an attitude or state. It’s merely symptoms that our body displays that should be received gratefully, as they are a message to us that something needs to be changed.

Most people start with trying to change from the outside in but really, the change begins within.

Once I detached myself from being fat and my script, I started choosing to be the person I really was underneath. My behaviours started to change with little effort. In other words, identity drives behaviour. If you say ‘I am’ in front of anything, then this is your identity.

We simply are what we say we are. And we are the thoughts that we choose to believe. But if you don’t know about the script how can you choose?

Using statements such as ‘I am healthy, I am strong and I am nourishing my mind and body’ instead of ‘I am fat, I am lazy, I am not good enough, I am weak’ will send very subtle but powerful signals and energy.

Knowing I am not the voice in my head means I am able to choose what I want to think and believe. WOW this is huge!

I am strong, I am healthy, I am amazing and therefore I am choosing to look after my amazing body as it’s the only one there is on the whole planet like it and it does an amazing job of keeping me here!!!

Enjoy your amazing body now because…..

‘If being you and being alive is not enough, then nothing ever will be!’ ` Liz Ivory (co-founder of Broadband Consciousness)

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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