I am fed up of dieting and still being very overweight and feeling crap! After years of every eating plan going, I’m so confused about what I should/shouldn’t eat that I’m like a rabbit caught it the headlights at the thought of breakfast today!!! I want to change but getting so much conflicting advice, I want to scream!

How many times have you felt disgusted or ashamed with yourself for being fat?

How many times have you felt like nothing works for you?

How many times have you felt lost, confused and frustrated?

You have tried every diet, every shake, fasted, starved, juiced or exercised like a demon only to last a few days or weeks if you are lucky.

You end up stuffing your face silly and creating more shame and sadness.

Here are some shocking fact about dieting:

  • Despite being worth billions, the sad truth is that 66% of people that embark on a diet will actually end up fatter later.
  • Less than 5% achieve and maintain weight loss.
  • You have MORE fat storing hormones in your body than fat burning hormones. To burn fat you have to balance hormones. Dieting does the opposite!
  • People wrongly believe that have to just cut calories and eat less. Eating less and exercising more is a crap statement! And can make us eat more and store more fat.
  • Dieting makes you think about food ALL the time! You get more of what you think about most right?
  • Your brain is sabotaging you! It has been hard wired to fight starvation of any kind.
  • Dieters think you need cast iron will power to achieve weight loss. This is like trying to hold your breath under water! It won’t last.
  • Dieting alters hormones and enzymes in the body making you hungrier and unable to burn fat and/or preserve precious muscle tissue
  • It slows your metabolism. Up to 70% of the weight lost while eating less comes from burning muscle!
  • Muscle is your number 1 fat burning tissue and despite weight the same as fat, is takes up LESS space making you look smaller even if you weigh the same.
  • Burning muscle during dieting means you end up become MORE efficient at storing fat and LESS efficient at burning fat.
  • Dieting increases hunger and fat storing hormones and decreases fat burning hormones.
  • Dieting alters brain chemicals and hormones that drive us to eat and are more powerful than will power alone.
  • Stress can make us fatter… guess what diets do? Make us stressed!


If you don’t learn to understand what happens to you when you eat certain foods you will never connect with your body or mind. If you don’t connect and listen, how can you give it what it really wants?

So you can see that there are many reasons NOT to start a diet! So what the hell do you do?

Well first stop looking for the right diet! Stop trying to find the solution outside of yourself. The tools are all within you. You just need to learn to access them. The practice using them…. EVERYDAY!

Instead of trying to find the ‘perfect diet’ for you, start CREATING YOUR PERFECT lifestyle and diet. This means starting something you can maintain for life. Something you enjoy. Something you can’t wait to do EVERYDAY!

How can I stop dieting and lose weight?

First of all stop looking at what everyone else is doing.

Find someone to coach, mentor or follow. Someone you trust and someone who doesn’t dictate a certain way and stop being sucked in by all the so-called ‘diets’ out there.

STOP looking at food as calories and start looking at food as information. In other words, which foods are going to keep me full, energised, happy AND therefore help me burn fat?

Throw away the scales. These WON’T tell you what weight you are losing. Instead measure your body or use body fat monitoring.

Start to create a way to learn to see this as a lifestyle and journey that NEVER ends. And learn to accept it will take time and you WILL make mistakes. Embrace the mistakes and use them as an opportunity to learn.

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So stop dieting and jump in for support, motivation and encouragement to help you learn to love REAL food, ditch the #beigedeadfood and lose weight effortlessly!


Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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