Why you fall off the wagon? This will resonate with every serial dieter or anyone trying to start a new fitness regime.  You did it once!  You got fit once?  You lost weight once?  But why doesn’t it last? There is a lot to be said for diets and their failure rate.  It’s believed that over 95% of diets fail and more than 66% of dieters end up fatter.  But anyone following me, The Fat Controller or anyone doing any of my programmes will by now, if not already be starting to understand that traditional diets and dieting mindsets don’t work in the long run.   Will power is something that can run out – it can only last for so long.  When living a fat loss way of life we know that we need to focus on a lifestyle that enables our hormones and physiology to function at it’s best so we don’t have to try too hard ALL of the time. But what happens when you have or are starting to adopt the fat loss lifestyle but it still feels hard? Despite knowing the difference between weight loss and fat loss but still you are struggling to stay motivated or be able to keep on the straight and narrow. Well let’s have a deeper look at how you could be holding yourself back from long term success, even after ditching the ‘diet’. Are you a problem seeker or a bright spot seeker? Problem seekers – “Ok so this isn’t working, I need to fix it.  I need to find a cure” These people tend to leap from one diet to the next.  Thinking the next one will the THE one! Bright spot seekers – “OK this has been working great – how can I do more or replicate this?” These people tend to take the bits that work for them.  The bits that don’t they just cast aside or adapt. Often in fat loss we are focussing on what isn’t working.  It’s like highlighting the negatives and the problems that could be holding you back. This does a number of things:

  • It keeps us looking at and focussing on all that is negative.
  • It closes your mind to being able to think creatively or seek solutions
  • It serves to make you feel demotivated or negative
  • It directs you away from all that you have achieved so far
  • It can generate a feeling of failure or one of being overwhelmed
  • It will train your brain to always see the problems and not the solutions.
  • Whilst we need to recognise and own the problems, it doesn’t serve to dwell or continually flag the problems.  Once you establish what is holding you back, it is important that you own it and avoid laying blame on anyone or anything.  Doing this this will allow you to move on
  • What happens if we start to look at the things that are going well?  Immediately there is a change in physiology:
  • You will start to feel more motivated
  • You will feel more positive about your ability to continue on or start a new path
  • You will start to think creatively as your mind opens up to more ideas
  • You will start to see more and more bright spots as you practice this mindset
  • You will see and replicate bigger and brighter spots more easilyYou will inspire others to see and seek bright spots
  • You will be an energy that people will want to be around further attracting more brightness into your life!

So how do we become bright spot seekers?  Like anything you want to start learning, it is easier said than done.  Like fat loss you have to consciously practice with patience and persistence.  And this can take time but is more than possible.  Here is some simple steps and ideas: Think of a time when something was really working for you.  Replay it in your mind like a movie.  Making it bright and strong.  Notice how your body feels, notice how you feel.  How do you look?  What are people saying to you or how are they responding to you? Think about what things you were doing when it was working for you or when you were feeling in control. What are your strengths?  What strengths are you using to making these bright spots?  How can you use them to make more bright spots or keep the bright spots shining bright? Maybe you are a great cook?  Maybe you are great at planning ahead?  Maybe you are great at getting to bed at night?  Maybe you are great at relaxing?  Maybe you are great at fitting in the workouts?  Whatever your strengths maybe – note them and celebrate them.  Highlight and make them shine even brighter.  When you start to seek the bright spots, the whole process becomes a brighter, more bright spots appear and become effortless to maintain! Tweet me your #brightspots! Big love, small tummies! Jill – The Fat Controller

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