The cynical and already slim readers would scoff at this title.

Just eat less and move more

This is the worst advice ever for anyone carrying extra weight or struggling to maintain weight loss. It’s back to front advice because eating less and exercising more is the result of correcting a wonky metabolism not the fix!

So to clear this up (in case you haven’t read my previous blogs and in particular The Secret To Lasting Weight Loss which explains in more detail) trying to lose weight through sheer will power and cutting calories is as effective as trying to hold you breath under water. You can only do it for so long and it doesn’t fix things, it makes it worse!

OK Jill, I understand that it’s about eating the right things, but why can’t I stop eating rubbish?

Let’s put mechanics aside for this blog because there is much more to weight loss than understanding the physiology. You might completely understand how the metabolism works and the real science of weight loss but still struggle with eating all the wrong things.

I was a food addict once upon a time and I hated exercise. I also thought I had to eat less and exercise more. As a result of this belief, I struggled for most of my early teens and young adult life with diets and exercise. Until I understood this fundamental paradigm shift I was stuck and fulfilling the same prophecy every single day.

Did you know that your behaviour follows your identity?

What does that mean? Well it means this. If you have a mistaken identity (often our identities are given to us as we go through life) or story that you tell yourself then your behaviours will match. Let’s see some examples:

  • I wish I could exercise more but I am lazy and I hate exercise.
  • I wish I could stop overeating but I am so greedy
  • I have no will power so I will never stick to anything
  • I am addicted to junk food and always have been
  • I can’t live without bread
  • I have no time to cook or prepare food
  • I can’t lose weight, it always comes back
  • I am so fat

It doesn’t take a scientist to work out that these beliefs will determine the behaviours that follow.

But you see, people will try to get the result first and expect to change their identity AFTER. But let me tell you this…..


You have to change identity first. You’ve heard the famous quote right?

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Ghandi

He was bang on the money. You literally have to be the change NOW! So let’s try those examples again but this time based on being the change now and see how it feels:

  • I wish I could exercise more but I am lazy and I hate exercise – I LOVE to move my body as often as I can, I feel so amazing after!
  • I wish I could stop eating but I am so greedy – I savour every mouthful of food slowly. I eat till I am satisfied.
  • I have no will power so I will never stick to anything – I have the determination and desire to be and make changes easily. I know how to keep my will power batteries full. 
  • I am addicted to junk food and always have been – I am so healthy. I just love healthy food and feeling healthy!
  • I can’t live without bread – I can easily live without bread, It’s not useful to me and makes me feel bloated and tired.
  • I have no time to cook or prepare food – Cooking and preparing food is so important to me that I create space and time to do it for me
  • I can’t lose weight, it always comes back – I am naturally healthy and know which foods to eat that nourish and heal my body. 
  • I am so fat – I am healthy and love learning how to become fitter and stronger everyday.

Can you see how the words you say to yourself will have the most impact. No one likes being told what to do (read my blog on the Two Words That Kill Your Diet here) but everyone loves to be supported, encouraged and believed in!

Now I believe in you. So get that pen and paper and write down all the current beliefs you have around yourself, food, diets and weight loss. Then I want you to re-write them!

That’s right and why not now?

You are what you say you are and so be choosing the identity that you want to become, you can start practicing today. Read it everyday, record yourself saying it to yourself, put post it notes everywhere, text yourself, put it on your screen save. Live eat and breath these new identities until you believe it and become it!

You will never see a naturally healthy person make constantly bad food choices or an athlete struggling to get off the sofa every night to get to the gym. It’s in their DNA and it’s their identity!

If you are struggling to write your new identity, then think of someone you really admire and write down what qualities they have that you want.

So what identity do YOU want? Let me know how you get on.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

p.s. if you want further support in creating your new identity around food and diets, come join our growing community here!

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