Water is the source of energy for the creation of life

  • The grass goes brown and brittle when there is no rain
  • Flowers wilt and die if there is no water
  • Food dries up, shrinks and withers
  • Huge cracks appear in soil in the baking sun
  • cheese goes hard and rough as the moisture disappears
  • Your lips get cracked and chapped in the wind and cold
  • Fruit dries and it becomes leathered and tough

But what about YOU?

Well not drinking enough water is the root cause of many major degenerative diseases?  And it can manifest itself it many ways……… Well since you asked:

  • hunger
  • aching joints
  • headaches
  • back ache
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • allergies
  • high blood pressure
  • heart burn
  • stress and depression
  • arthritis
  • weight gain
Water also happens to be one the most inexpensive solutions to all of the above yet so many health care professionals are simply not aware of the importance of consistent and good hydration.  They would rather prescribe expensive drugs causing the body more stress!

A dry mouth is one of the LAST signals of dehydration!

Humans have evolved from species that were given life through water.  We have inherited that same dependance on water for life.  Without it we would die in a matter of days.  Every cell, chemical message and hormonal reaction in the body can only function in the presence of water.

Todays  modern lifestyle means we are exposed to many different man made drinks and liquids, toxins and chemicals.  Many depleting our mineral status and causing more dehydration to the body.  Nothing comes close to clean, fresh water for the body.  Water that is rich in minerals, alkaline and clean from toxins and chemicals.  When was the last time you thought much about a) how much you are drinking and b) what exactly it is that you are drinking!

Brain tissue is said to consist of 85% water. The human body around 75%.  So therefore the brain will take priority when it comes to water usage.  Leaving localised areas of the body dehydrated and at risk of malfunction, degradation and pain and causing ‘false’ hunger as the brain and body persists for fuel.

Here are just some of the advantages of keeping hydrated:

  • lubricated joints
  • well functioning organs
  • clear thinking
  • appetite and temperature control
  • good sleep and toilet habits
  • good muscle and skin tone
  • helps detox the body and skin
  • carries essential nutrients around the body and filters out impurities
  • Keeps your mind alert and gives energy
  • helps keep the metabolism efficient

So how much should you drink?

caffeine and alcohol will cause more dehydration.  They force more fluids out of the body than they put in.

The basic rule of thumb is to note the colour of your urine.  It should be clear and straw coloured.  The only time it is concentrated should be first thing in the morning.  Waterlogged is a great app you can download.  It helps you monitor your fluid intake and gives some great tips on when and how much.

Tap, bottled or filtered?

Tap water has been linked to Alzheimers through the Aluminium which is added as a flocculant, ironically to make the water look clearer.  Fluoride is added to protect against dental decay particularly in young children. There is a considerable body of research which indicates that Fluoride may have adverse effects on our health and can cause bone disease and some cancers.

Chlorine is added as a disinfectant to remove dangerous bacteria and other micro-organisms.  But Chlorine has been identified as a potential carcinogen.  Carcinogen refers to any substance that is an agent directly involved in the promotion of cancer.  Tap water is also know to have been contaminated with heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury.  Nitrates, fertilisers and hormones find their way into the drinking supply too.

Bottled water, apart from being expensive is NOT environmentally sound (estimates show that for each bottle made, 6 bottles of water are used) and has been shown to to not have the same testing standards in some areas as tap water.  When the bottles get warm the plastics called BPAs can be leached into the water.  This can disrupt the delicate endocrine system in our bodies causing hormonal issues (such as infertility, hormonal cancers, man boobs etc).   Bottled water can often be just ‘glorified tap water’ and has just gone through some sort of filtration as opposed to real spring water.

Home water filters: There is a huge variety of water filters on the market and many of which are extremely expensive.  However, with the growing demand and environmental factors to consider, there is now more choice of affordable and eco-friendly filters to choose from.  Ecopure Filters produce the most environmentally friendly product on the market today and provide a really low cost, easily installed under counter water filter.  This UK produced filter will remove up to 98% or more of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, hormones etc and keeps the water alkaline by keeping the mineral content high. They can also provide whole house systems and attachments for appliances and showers.

Whichever you choose the main thing to remember that water is the primary regulator of ALL bodily functions.  From digestion, to removal of waste and the burning of fat and energy.  Even  mild dehydration can greatly effect how your body reacts and feels and you could find yourself overeating, relying on stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, daily fatigue and general aches and pains.  Chronic dehydration can cause symptoms equal to disease.  Before heading to your GP or the medicine cabinet, let water be your first port of call when things aren’t feeling right.

Water is the elixir of life.  And as Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of ‘Your body’s many cries for water’ states

Your not sick; you’re thirsty.  Don’t treat thirst with medications

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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