Sunday night and you are having your last glass of wine and packet of crisps because tomorrow you are going to start the diet that tomorrow…. right?

Any serial dieter can relate to the feeling of dread when thinking about embarking on a new diet or exercise regime AGAIN!

No more wine

No more crisps

No more chocolate

Gym every night……..shutterstock_2634279

You are not exactly feeling the diet love!


What if instead you were sat here thinking:

WOW tomorrow I start my new lifestyle and I cannot wait to try loads of amazing new recipes and food.

I can’t wait to move my body

I can’t wait to build a stronger and fitter body

I can’t wait to start to feel amazing and full of energy

I can’t wait to get to bed earlier for more refreshing sleep

I can’t wait to learn new things, stretch myself mentally and build myself a new and exciting life.

Now doesn’t that feel more inspiring? Doesn’t that fill you with more enthusiasm?

You see a simple change in attitude can alter your state. In a much more positive state you are going to see this as a journey rather than a battle. When you see things as a battle or a struggle you will find the whole process so much more painful.

A simple switch in your attitude can make an enormous difference to your ability to stay on the path.

So you do want to choose a struggle or do you want to embrace an exciting journey to a new you!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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