There is believe it or not only two really easy steps you can start today to lose your belly! YES! Two easy steps that can make a huge difference!


So do you want to know what they are?

Step 1

Simply replace your beige food servings. Beige dead foods are simply foods that have been processed to the point of not being recognised from their natural state. Examples of this would be pasta, bread, pastry, biscuits and most processed foods.  If you used to have a sandwich at lunch simply swap to a salad. If you used to have pasta with your main meal then try swapping for courgetti (see here what courgetti is and how to make it).

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Beige foods are dry, low in fibre, low in protein and nutrients. Their processing usually means they are loaded with added fats and sugars. For people that want to reduce their weight and/or manage their energy levels better, beige foods will simply make weight loss harder and balancing energy levels impossible. If you simply remove beige foods or starchy processed carbs without replacing with nutrient dense and satiating foods you will become hungry and with powerful cravings. Instead replace beige foods with masses of fibrous carbs such as vegetables and adequate protein based foods. Over time you will lose weight effortlessly and will immediately feel fantastic.


Step 2

The second one is the most important one. At each main meal aim to eat three times as much fibrous plant food as you do high protein food. Fibrous foods are rich in colour and low in natural sugars and look like they should do and in their natural state!  They are both filling and nutrient dense. High protein foods are generally complete proteins such as eggs, fish and meat and are appetite suppressing and very balancing hormonally for the metabolism. Examples would be:


Grilled fish and a huge serving or steamed vegetables, chicken and a massive salad rich in colour, Omelet filled with vegetables with a side salad, A starter of salad before a main meal, Chicken and vegetable soup.

Eating this way will keep you fuller for less calories. So despite eating less you will feel satisfied, slimmer and more energised. You will have less room for the beige foods and your cravings for them will disappear.


So simply ditch the #beigedeadfoods and make sure at EVERY main meal you load up with at least three times colourful plant foods to your protein serving. Eat great, feel great and lose weight!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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