To diet or not to diet?  I can’t decide,

Thin as a stick or all fat and wide?

Muffin top, belly flop, boobs on the floor,

This fat will NOT beat me I am waging my war!


Breakfast of coffee and a lungful of air,

Too busy for lunch, I’ll just chew my hair!

Ignoring the biccies with afternoon tea,

I am secretly smug, my blub won’t beat me!


No carbs for dinner, it’s past 6 pm!

Keep this lot up and I’ll soon be size 10.

But why does the bread bin still call out my name?

1 slice, 2 slices?  OH GOD THE SHAME!


Bedtime arrives and not a moment too late,

If I can’t keep this up then I won’t lose this weight!

But midnight arrives and my belly is talking,

Brain disengages to the fridge I am walking…….


There’s always tomorrow! I’ll just start again;

I’ve still got time to be a size 10.

This time I mean it, I’ll stick, I won’t cheat.

Hey wait…………………….. I must be allergic to wheat!

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

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