Stop being a dieter!

That’s it. That simple….

End of blog……

OK so maybe not quite that simple to do, but simple in theory yes?

So how do I stop being a dieter Jill?

Thank god you asked. Well I cover this in more detail in my series ‘How To Un-Diet Yourself’ which you can read here.

But to summarise you need a pair of new eyes and start to look at food differently.

YOU don’t need to change essentially but your perception of food and diets need to change. This will then bring about a natural change in you.

This change in perception will mean you see food as critical information for the body. It’s either helpful information or unhelpful information. It will either support your body or it will derail your body.

Dieters will often look and think of food in a negative way and will see food as calories or as good or bad foods meaning that the relationship is distorted by social constructs of what is normal. They are either ‘on or off’ a diet.

Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!

I don’t know about you but I grew up on Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Coco Pops for breakfast with orange juice, Sandwiches for lunch with crisps and digestive biscuits after school AND I was taught to clear my plate!

In other words, you, like me, were brainwashed (I call it beige washed!!!) and its not your fault!

So now you know the truth, you will recognise that YOU and ONLY YOU can take back control and become your very own researcher. In fact you have been a researcher all along……All the failures you have made so far have been the preliminary research. Are you ready to take back control?

I therefore declare you ready for this paradigm mindset shift!

With your new eyes or perception:

  • You will start to automatically choose foods that are pro health and therefore fat loss.
  • You will start to feel empowered by food instead of controlled by food.
  • You will start to become confident in your choices and what your body needs.
  • You will get back in tune with you instincts and feedback that your body gives.
  • You will no longer expend energy on internal conflicts and dietary dogma.
  • You will become a magnet for health and vitality.

So how do I see foods differently?

I like simple and therefore I will keep this as simple as I can. There are two main categories of what we think of as food today:

Category one:

Beige, dead foods will not nourish you in any way. They are mostly man made, highly addictive food like stuffs that are not designed for our delicate human machinery. Beige dead foods are processed in such a way that they are detrimental to our nutrient stores and over time set the scene for disease, obesity and other metabolic illnesses. I don’t think of this as real foods. We have been brain washed to accept it as part of a normal human diet when in reality it has only been in the last 100 years that this food has come about! These foods tend to take more nutrients out than they put in so are often called ‘anti-nutrients’. These are VERY UNHELPFUL foods.

Examples: pizza, pies, pastries, breads, pasta, ready meals, meal replacements, biscuits, cereals

(Hint: these foods are often dry, beige in colour and very easy to overeat. They often require minimal preparation and we believe them to be more convenient)

Category two:

Real foods are simply that. You will recognise them as something that has either been grown above ground (generally more rich in nutrients and highly colourful), below the ground (tend to have more starch and are less richly nutrient dense), from a tree, bush or it’s flown, swam or grazed the lands. These foods are well recognised by our bodies as these are the foods we have evolved on for the most part of our 2.5 million years on the planet. These foods give more nutrition than they take out during digestion and elimination for example. These are VERY HELPFUL foods!

Examples: eggs, fish, meats, sweet potatoes, apples, berries, spinach, kale, peppers, avocados

(Hint: these foods are very difficult to overeat and often require some but not often much preparation. We wrongly believe that these foods are difficult or time consuming to prepare)

Healthy grilled salmon dish

Did you notice that I don’t mention calories?

That’s right. Our ancestors never needed to count calories and there is a VERY good reason for that! When you base the majority of your food on category two, your very clever body will being to naturally regulate your food intake and as long as you sleeping well, aren’t stressed out of your box and are generally in good health, then you will find your body will change shape in a favourable way.

The main reason why people need to count calories is because category one foods will disrupt the natural thermostat regulates body weight and their bodies are actually malnourished at a cellular level.

To summarise:

  • Dieters count calories. Researchers seek the most nutrient dense foods at every meal.
  • Dieters try to eat less. Researchers seek to eat foods that satiate nutrient needs, appetite and pleasure centres.
  • Dieters punish themselves. Researchers nourish themselves
  • Dieters will try to our exercise a bad diet. Researchers will look to move their body in health ways and as often as possible and in ways that they enjoy.
  • Dieters use scales. Researchers will monitor energy, hunger, cravings and use clothing and the mirror as a measure.
  • Dieters focus weight loss and a smaller body. Researchers focus fat loss and build a lean, efficient body.

So which one do you choose to be? It took me a good few years to discover that I am a bloody good researcher for my own health and wellness. No longer do I seek the ‘magic’ diet for me. Like over 95% of the population it never worked until I had this paradigm shift.

I became #BeigeFree, took back control and I stopped being a miserable, self loathing dieter and lovingly embraced my roll as my own super researcher.

Want more help in your shift in perspective? Join our lively and supportive community #BeigeFree community here:

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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