So what exactly is ‘The Fat Controlling Method’ and who is ‘The Fat Controller’?

Being a Fat Controller means finding a sustainable & enjoyable way of eating and still being a fat burning machine. Being a Fat Controller means you will create a way to LOVE HOW YOU EAT & NEVER feel deprived.


I created ‘The Fat Controlling Method’ after 20 years of repeatedly failing. But I didn’t quit. I just took each failure as an opportunity to learn and as a result I have created a way of thinking. moving and eating that ANYONE can follow and adapt in order to become the best version of themselves. I became The Fat Controller the moment I learned how to turn the switch to my fat burning furnace.

Luckily you don’t have to wait 20 years to find your way. I can help you take the shortcuts to becoming your very own Fat Controller!

My story started like this:

I was a typical serial dieter for most of my young adult life which resulted in a very poor body image and terrible relationship with food. This disordered eating consumed and impacted my life so negatively that I hated it! So much so that I became desperate enough to change it!


So Hate it? Change it! was born.

My journey was a long and difficult one and like any change, it was extremely hard in the beginning but I developed persistence and a passion for learning about food, exercise and health. I learned the pillars of long term success. I began to embrace and enjoy the process of learning and watching my body change for the better.

I experimented with every diet I could. Some worked brilliantly. Others were a disaster. Through this trial and error approach I started to learn some very key lessons. I call them my 10 Fat Controlling Pillars of Success and you can read them here. and I believe they are cornerstones to achieving and maintaining change.

OK now for the exciting stuff. Now for the method that I created using the pillars of success alongside some simple guidelines that when you follow can lead to effortless, enjoyable and sustainable fat loss! AKA NO MORE DIETS and #SimpleFatLoss

What is ‘The Fat Controller Method’ exactly?

Being a Fat Controller means finding a sustainable & enjoyable way of eating and still being a fat burning machine. Being a Fat Controller means you will create a way to LOVE HOW YOU EAT & NEVER feel deprived. ‘The Fat Controller Method’ is the steps and guidelines to follow in order to achieve this.

‘The Fat Controller Method’ incorporates a low-beige way of living and eating!

These steps are simply just a set of guidelines that I have found to be important factors in becoming a Fat Controller. They are not set in stone but the more optimised they all are, the greater your chances of success. Somethings are not as easy to control as others. Sometimes we simply can’t avoid stress or illness. But it’s important to be aware of the impact these things have on your ability to maximise burning fat. So here are the guidelines I recommend:

Eliminate beige and dead food! #BanishtheBeige:

For most people to attain fat loss and switch on fat burning you will need to eliminate what I call beige, dead foods for 90% of the time. More active people might get away with a little more, but for most this is the ideal ratio.

Beige and dead foods are processed and moderated in such a way that they stimulate FAT STORING! Until you eliminate these foods, you will struggle to make the switch. Once you achieve your ideal body shape. you can experiment to find your magic spot. The point at which you can include slightly more without gaining body fat.

For more guidelines on what beige, dead foods are join my FREE support community. Along with the beginners guide to beige, dead food you will benefit from daily support, motivation and education.


Practice mindful eating:

A mindful eater will effortlessly stop when they have had enough food and aim for 80% fullness. They are tuned into their bodies responses. They will naturally reach for and choose nourishing real foods. A mindful eater will consciously chew the food and really taste it. A mindful eater is often satisfied after a few bites of their favourite foods because they have really enjoyed and savoured the taste. A mindful eater will become better at understanding whether the hunger is true hunger from the belly or emotional hunger or cravings from the brain. A mindful eater will often keep a food journal or use an app to track their intake and choices. A Fat Controller is a mindful eater but also understands that this is not a black and white tool. It takes lots of practice and compassion that means they don’t punish themselves with guilt. I am still a food addict and still have to practice this everyday.


Optimise hydration and limit drinking excess calories:

Water is simply the best drink for us! As soon as you wake in the morning hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! Our metabolisms and energy levels can only be optimised when we are correctly hydrated. All of our cells are bathed in water and our digestion depends on adequate hydration. First thing in the morning try some freshly squeezed lemon in water water. Add slices of lemon and/or lime to your water bottle and carry it everywhere.

To maximise fat burning you need to minimise your sugar intake. Along with banishing the beige, dead foods, you will also need to limit drinks that contain calories from carbohydrates. Milky and sweet coffees, alcohol, juices, smoothies and even coconut water and other health drinks. Water is the best fluid for fat loss. Use herbal teas such as green tea, cocoa powder for a hot drink and the odd black coffee (for those that sleep OK).


Minimise toxicity:

Eliminating processed beige, dead foods and alcohol will make a massive difference to your toxicity due to the additives, chemicals, sugars and bad fats but there are other things you can do to help. Negative thinking and negative relationships are surprisingly big contributors to toxicity and are important to give attention to. But there are many other environmental ones that can further add to the burden.

Contributing factors are drugs and medicines such as antibiotics, mercury fillings, mobile phones, non-organic foods, foods treated with pesticides and chemicals, genetically modified produce, food and drinks kept in plastics, a poor intake of good nutrition, poor sleep, poor breathing patterns, chemicals in toiletries and cosmetics all adding to the over all impact.


Manage stress:

Managing toxicity will help reduce stress levels but often there is stress that you can’t always avoid. Just having some tools in the tool box during these unavoidable times can help. A Fat Controller would use gentle forms of exercise such as yoga or walking to lower stress hormones.

Other techniques could include laughter, spending time with loved ones or pets, taking naps or moments of mindfulness or meditation, taking holidays or having time off doing hobbies and fun activities such as sex and travel. Appropriate exercise can help along side concentrating on the elements of life you can control and learning to let go of the things you can’t. A Fat Controller understands that long term chronic stress will prevent the body from burning fat efficiently.


Optimise sleep:

A Fat Controller will prioritise good sleep hygiene. It’s important to avoid stimulants and eating late at night. This includes caffeine, sugar, alcohol, upset, TV, bright lights and technology such as phones and laptops. A Fat Controller might adopt a regular bedtime routine such as using herbal supplements and teas like Yogi Bed Time tea or magnesium such as Epson bath salts or supplementation. I love to use apps such as Andrew Johnson Relax and Deep Sleep among others. Sleep is our optimum fat burning window due to the powerful and positive effect it has on our growth and fat burning hormones.

Andrew Johnson

Optimise fasting overnight:

A great way to optimise your sleep and fat burning is to include a fasting window of at least 12 hours every night. Avoiding food 2-3 hours before bed and through till the morning is the easiest way of including the health and fat burning benefits of fasting. For example, if you eat your main dinner at 7pm at night, then avoid eating breakfast before 7am. Some people can safely fast for longer periods and this is fine to do so long as your first meal of the day is an optimised fat burning meal based on lean proteins and fibre such as vegetables. My favourite being a vegetable omelette for example.


Optimise your movement:

Being a fat burning machine requires some investment in your body. The most beneficial tissue to have on your body to help burn fat is muscle! The more muscle we have, the more we burn fat efficiently PERIOD! This is one of the most important guidelines for exercise I can give you. So further enhance your fat burning…..

A Fat Controller understands the importance of NEAT (read more about NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS here) and moving as much as possible. We are designed to move all the time and unfortunately 3 x 60 minute gym sessions a week alone will not be sufficient to optimise your fat burning. Walking, getting up and down from your seat and generally moving and fidgeting around as much as possible will enhance your fat burning efforts.


Improve relationships with loved ones (including yourself):

This might not seem like an obvious one, but humans need love. It’s a human given to both give and receive love. The more love you give, the more you will receive. If we are constantly at odds with our loved ones or neglecting our relationships it can create stress and depressive moods. Love literally heals all hate and discord. You can’t possible hate or feel sad when you are filled with love. A Fat Controller will prioritise spending time building and maintaining healthy and loving relationships while avoiding negative and destructive ones.


Do more of what makes you happy and have fun:

Sounds obvious but how many people are actually doing this? We get caught up in doing what’s important but not urgent. Instead we get bogged down with the little things that suck up our time and prevent us from spending time doing the things we love.


Adapt the guidelines to create a plan that works for you:

It’s important to honour your preferences and lifestyle. There is no one single plan on this planet that will yield the same results for everyone that follows it and so a Fat Controller will adapt the guidelines in order to suit them so it becomes sustainable and enjoyable.

Most importantly, have fun with it. You only learn by failing first. So go forth and fail famously, learn and grow. You only have one body, so treat it with the respect and love it deserves!

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller



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