The Fat Controllers fail safe list of tool box items to help you out in emergency!

What do you do when hunger strikes?  Caught out in the shops? Got a dinner date but don’t want to cave into the bread basket?  Want chocolate and nothing else will do?

Here is a little box of my favourite first aid tricks for those problem times that you can take away with you.

  • Emergency 1:You come home from work so hungry you could eat the entire contents of the fridge before you have even contemplated what’s for dinner.
  • Solution 1: Keep fresh grapefruit or washed celery in the fridge.  Eat a whole grapefruit or dip some celery sticks in some natural nut butter.  This will immediately make you feel fuller and allow you to cook a sensible dinner!  Sometimes even just a tablespoon of nut butter will do the trick!  If this happens often, it’s likely you are not eating enough protein and fibre throughout the day!
  • Emergency 2: You just WANT chocolate!  You are desperate for a fix and nothing else will do!
  • Solution 2: Have a hot cup of cocoa and some natural sweetener.  You can top with a little of your favourite milk.    Or keep a stash of 70% or higher dark chocolate in the cupboard – suck on a few pieces slowly or melt and drizzle over strawberries.  Another fail safe option is an Atkins decadence bar or one of your favourite chocolate protein bars or shakes!
  • Emergency 3: You are craving food really badly.  Anything will do, crisps, toast, biscuits but you didn’t eat that long ago!
  • Solution 3: Do 30-60s of high intensity moves such as squat jumps, high knees, step ups.  Anything like this will increase your feel good hormones whiles depressing your appetite.  If this happens frequently consider adding Branch Chain Amino Acids to your diet.
  • Emergency 5: You slept really badly and you know you will crave coffee and carbs to getyou through the day.
  • Solution 5: Start with a hot cocoa drink to energise you but without the downer.  Then have a protein packed breakfast with loads of veggies.  Eat frequently throughout the day.  Go for a restorative walk or listen to a meditation app for 5-10 mins.  This will be enough to lower the stress hormones bought on by lack of sleep
  • Emergency 6: You have forgotten your lunch!
  • Solution 6: If you have to eat out and there are few options but sandwhiches – then just throw one slice of the bread away and for for protein based ones such as chicken salad or ham.  Choose salads over chips and nuts over crisps.  Failing that always keep a stash of protein powder at work or some protein bars in your handbag/drawer.     If all else fails – have what you like but use it as a cheat meal.  You are only ever one meal away from getting back to your fat burning eating habits
  • Emergency 7: There is nothing in for dinner.
  • Solution 7: Always keep tins of tuna or salmon in the cupboard.  When cooking vegetables for dinner always cook more than you need and then you will have some left over.  Failing that always have some in your freezer that you can steam within minutes.  You can sprinkle over parmesan, which keeps for weeks in the fridge and add some sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.
  • Emergency 8: Help, I am going out for dinner and I can never resist the bread basket
  • Solution8: Ask them not to offer you any bread.  Or my favourite is to have a protein smoothies before I go.  My favourite is chocolate spinach!  This stops me getting too hungry. Once I am starving I can’t resist the bread and butter!
  • Emergency 9: I just fancy a pudding, something sweet and satsifying after my healthy meal!
  • Solution 9: Keep frozen berries.  Take some into a bowl, add some coconut or almond milk and mix in some Xylitol.  Mix and enjoy.  You could even add a dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt.
  • Emergency 10: I eat out of habit and boredom sometimes!
  • Solution 10: Always keep some sugar free gum handy to chew on – it often takes your mind off it!   Try to keep a note of those ‘critical moments’ where you this happens and come up with a list of strategies that work for you – like walking, phoning a friend, writing how you feel down, doing something positive etc
  • Emergency 11: I am going shopping and am starving- how to I stop myself from buying all the wrong things!
  • Solution 11: Eat a protein bar or some nuts before you go.  If you have none, then grab some on the way round and munch away!  Then pay for them after!  Also take a list with you.  Plan all your meals before you go and and stick to the list.  The best way is to stick to the aisles on the periphery!  This way you will skip all the processed foods and silly special offers!

What emergency tools have you got in your first aid kit?  I would love to hear them!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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