One of my favourite recipes.  Perfect for those looking for a little something when nothing else seems to hit the spot!   Whilst I admit this cake is harder work than other recipes I believe that if you want it badly enough you will do what it take and therefore you will enjoy the end result much more.

There is quite a lot of preparation and you need to have a fair amount of patience for it to rise properly.

  • First wash your hands and mixing bowl clean of all self-doubt
  • Remove any negativity or pessimism from the surfaces as this will spoil with the mixture
  • Line a baking tin with ample amounts of vision and belief

For the basic mix add the following to your bowl of opportunity:

  • Take two handfuls of good old fashioned steely determination (soaked overnight in moral fibre)
  • Take 1-2 generous cups of inspiration (organic is best here)
  • Add a huge glug of tenacity (I find a 50/50 mix of backbone works well too!)
  • Poor in a generous serving of passion and purpose as this will really help it rise to the top
  • Zest some fresh zeal (the more the better) for a real punch
  • For that real authentic light sponge fold in some well beaten fear with grit mixed in

Mix carefully.  Persist at your own speed as you don’t want the mix to be weak or you may give up.  The only time it truly fails is when you give up.

For the icing on the cake:


  • Blend well some confidence, courage and vision
  • A little charisma can go a long way
  • And complete with a big squeeze of some more determination

You may want to experiment with some alternative ingredients that work better for you!

Place in a HOT oven until it is well risen and it is cooked evenly.  Don’t allow to cool!  Eat immediately and enjoy the smell of sweet success and passion cake!

WARNING: This cake is highly addictive and could seriously help your confidence and self-worth.  Once you have some you will want more and more.  The more and more you practice getting the mix and consistency right the better and better it will be!

It keeps well and often can taste better later.  Keep this cake away from people who may want to steal any of it for themselves or want to tell you about all the flaws they think it may have.

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller!

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