Protocol or process? Solution or journey? Diet plan or lifestyle?   

‘Drop a dress size’ type guarantees – Are they possibly doing more harm than good?

Protocol or process? Solution or journey? Diet plan or lifestyle?

The path of least resistance leads us to naturally to want the easy option.  We want all the hard work done for us….

The diet plan

The workouts

The recipes

The whens, the how’s and the what fors….

Now this ‘protocol’ can and does work for many……for a period of time that is.  If I’m driving car with someone else directing me I will struggle to remember the journey on my own the next time……

Personally I have never bought into selling my courses with a specific ‘lose a stone/dress size in X amount of time’ type guarantee. This may seem a little controversial but…….

Let’s get an angle on this.  So let’s use the example of an alcoholic let’s say.  They go into rehab for 6 weeks.  Whilst they are out of their usual environment they are given all the tools, support and help to get them through withdrawal. They are pretty much guaranteed and able to get through the six weeks and get dry.  Now what happens when the door opens on the last day and they are placed back not the same environment that got them into trouble in the first place?

This is what’s wrong with a protocol.  It’s like following a unique set of instructions while expecting a linear and expected end result.

So what happens at the end of the ‘protocol’? Has the participant learnt how to implement all these new tools, shape their environment to make it easy to keep those new habits, learnt and practiced strong belief systems that can help them maintain and keep that body they have worked so hard to get?

You may have heard of the term be, do, have?  Well what people tend to do is try to have, do, be!  Now this is back to front and I’ll tell you why.

We hear stories about lottery winners who blow their entire winnings. They are not prepared for or know how to behave in their new lifestyle.  So they end up going back to square one.  This is the have, do, be scenario.

Is this what is happening with people’s attempts at ‘weight loss’.  Is this why most people don’t succeed in the long term?

You have to learn to ‘be’ that person first, then you will start to ‘do’ the things that get you what it is you want to ‘have’!


I believe that in order to change people’s expectation from quick fix or away from their tendency to buy ‘protocols’ off the shelf we need to, as an industry, all be making an effort to become super coaches.  In other words…….

Coach a shift in mindset AND perspective.  Understanding the plan is one thing, but they then need to learn how to shape their environment, look at their barriers, their belief systems and their current skills.

How can you coach them to shape their environment to allow easier inclusion of easier habits – in other words coaching people the tools needed for long term fat loss and maintenance. Coach them back to innate self awareness.

YES be the catalyst to spark insight but their change involves persistent practice, hard work and discipline.  This doesn’t happen in 4-6 weeks!!  BUT you can start a change process! Little steps towards big changes over time.

Permanent change is difficult when we try to do it from the outside in – We have to help them see the situation from the inside first before trying to change their external behaviors and this is just the very beginning of the process and journey!

I’d love to know what you think about this topic.  I think it would make a great discussion.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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