Most of us know that there is no magic bullet for easy weight loss. If you are still holding out then I’ll try breaking it to you gently!

Don’t go on a diet!

This is fat loss disaster. If you want to count calories forever, never eat bread again or exist on shakes and bars then start one tomorrow (there is always tomorrow right?) More than 90% of diets fail becuase they don’t address the real reason why the individual is overweight in the first place. Everyone is different and therefore different approaches are necessary. It’s a billion dollar industry yet the obesity crisis is worse than ever. Diets ARE making us fatter!

Learn to recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger

Physical hunger comes on gradually and can wait but goes away after eating. Emotional hunger is sudden and persists despite eating. Keep a food journal and learn your emotional food triggers. Find others ways to deal with them or get some professional guidance. Some people find it helpful to use NLP, hypnotherapy or CBT.  I ask myself this every time I think I’m hungry ‘is it brain or belly hunger?’.  I highly recommend using cocoa powder (read a great blog about the benefits of it here from the Metabolic Effect team)

Never Skip meals, especially breakfast

You will never outwit your body’s powerful evolutionary ability to keep body fat using just willpower alone! You will end up hungry, overeat and you’ll pile the weight back on faster than it takes to fry a mars bar. Your body does NOT know the difference between dieting and starvation. It detects a calorie defecit and immediately goes into self-preservation mode – it will do all it knows to keep body fat despite your best efforts!

Plan and prepare all you own food most of the time

If you don’t take responsibility for what goes in your mouth then it’s likely you will never be in control of your weight. Simple cooking skills will serve you for a lifetime of health and vitality. Ready meals will not. If you can’t be bothered to prepare and cook fresh food for yourself then be prepared for illness and disease!  Join me on a Fat Burning Cookery Course with the Inspired Gourmet Cookery School!

Don’t eat too quickly

Always sit down and eat. Take time between mouthfuls and savour the food. You are more likely to be full by time you’re finished and so satisfied that you won’t crave for something else. Your mouth has teeth your stomach does not! If you leave the table slightly hungry you will lose weight. Leave the table comfortable you will maintain weight. Leave the table stuffed you will gain weight!

Move your body as often as possible!

Your body is designed to move – that’s why we have joints and muscles! Sit on your butt all day and you will not sustain your weight loss. Worse than that, you will slow your metabolism turning you into a fat storing machine! Think about what things you can do in your day that can add to your physical activity. Don’t think that becuase you have been to the gym for one hour that sitting at your desk for 7 hours won’t matter. It is proven that people who fidget are slimmer! Cup of tea anyone?

Drink plenty of water

Approx 65-70% of you is water. Every chemical reaction in your body requires water. Dehydration can cause constipation, headaches, hunger,fatigue, loss on concentration to name just a few. It’s easy to check, just have a look at the colour of your urine. If it’s dark and it smells strong your dehydrated. Aim for a light straw colour throughout your day.

The ‘toned’ bottom line?

Don’t try to lose weight to feel good. Aim to get healthy and feel fantastic. Move your body and eat a wide variety of fresh wholesome food. Get this right and your weight will take care of itself.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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