The endless stream of booze, cake, chocolate, crisps, nuts, bread, mince pies, christmas pudding and the lack of sleep is nearly over.

I hear you cry……

OMG! I have eaten so much!

If I had a penny for every time I’ve overheard a client or friend say this I would have £27,341.00!

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The end of another year is almost upon us and it’s time to think about our New Years Resolutions…..However, I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions. Why?


Personally, I believe we should wake up with New Day Resolutions EVERYDAY! If something means that much to you, you would start immediately and not wait for it right?

Why is this? We often have to reach rock bottom and feel real pain in our circumstances to be motivated to do something. The trouble is, motivation tends to wane when the going gets tough. Keep reading for more on how to managing motivation.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily ~Zig Ziglar

When Christmas and New Year is done, a sense of urgency takes over. January 1st serves to highlight what we haven’t achieved throughout the year and for a great many, it puts their diet and fitness under the spotlight once again.

Yet despite having 364 other days in the year to be mindful and eat in moderation, people will panic diet in a hope to change their life in January. The guilt of their splurge spurs them to crash diet and take extreme measures to achieve what they couldn’t throughout the year.

This year I am going to smash the gym!

I also hear:

I will start a new gym regime, eat clean, give up booze and chocolate, no going out, cooking from scratch, no bread, no sugar, bed early….


What is wrong with this approach?

  1. Firstly many people don’t really understand WHY they want to change. Just wanting to lose weight isn’t motivating enough. Peel the onion. Dig deep to really understand the deeper meaning.
  2. Secondly. it is focussing on all the things you MUST give up. It focusses on all the extra things you will have to find time for. The human brain is hard wired for seeking pleasure so it’s no wonder using will power alone is futile.
  3. Thirdly many people will approach a diet out of disgust with themselves. Like they are trying to punish themselves slim and healthy. This mindset is hardly encouraging to your subconscious mind and is not likely to keep you motivated to stop eating stupid.

Is it any wonder why 95% of diets fail?

OK so let me share with you my number one practice to ‘stop eating stupid’ once and for all!:

Swapping out the beige, dead processed foods for eating MORE of the real foods nature provides!

But it’s not as easy as that right?

The minute you tell yourself you CAN’T have something, you will instantly be thinking about it ALL the time. If you always focus on what you have to give up, you can’t experience joy from the process.


Instead look at food as information and nutrition as opposed to calories. Fall in love with real, colourful food and begin to seek and focus on the abundance of natural foods, spices, herbs and plants you can feast on. When your metabolic hormones are balanced through a healthy mind and beliefs around food, you will find managing hunger, energy and appetite so much easier. (Read more on The Ten Pillars of Fat Controlling Success here)


Simply swap your beige. dead foods for REAL, colourful food. Adopt a low-beige diet and instead fill your boots on the food that nature has supplied and that is perfect for our genetics and metabolism. Read here for more information on what beige. dead foods are.


Begin to tell yourself a new story around food. For example:

I eat enough food to nourish and fuel my body. I will feast on foods that encourage my body to burn fat, build muscle and manage my energy levels. And because I eat the correct food for my body, I will never go hungry and I will mindfully include small amounts of foods that bring me pleasure and taste.

Create feelings of passion, energy and love for these new habits, foods and patterns of behaviour. Get excited about trying new foods, about feeling amazing and about all the energy you will feel from these new habits.


Finally, don’t expect to change everything all at once. This is why I love the simple approach of just swapping out beige, dead processed foods for eating MORE of the real foods nature provides.

I have created a community to help and support you banish the beige, dead foods and learn how to replace for real, health giving foods that will give you energy and vitality. Please join us here:

Happy New Year and may 2016 be filled with colour, health and vitality!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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