If only I were thin I would be happy

If only I were thin I would love life more

If only I were thin I would be more popular

If only I were thin I would look great in all my clothes

If only I were thin I would have loads of confidence

If only I were thin………

Most of us have been taught that we need to HAVE things in our life to allow us to DO what we want, allowing us to BE who we want to be.

What if I were to tell you that this way of thinking could be holding you back?

Do you find yourself thinking…..I will be happiest when I am thin?  Do you find your self not doing things that make you happy because you are waiting to be thin?

The reality is that you will never be the person you want to be if you wait to HAVE first.

Why can’t you be happy now?   YOU CAN! Does being thin suddenly make all your troubles disappear? Will it automatically make you happy? BE happy now!

Why can’t you be in love with life right now? YOU CAN!  What things can you do NOW that can make you love life more?  BE in love with the things you do already and acknowledge it!

Why can’t you be more popular? YOU CAN!  Why not start doing the things that make you and the people around you happy! Act Popular and happy!  Happiness attracts happiness.  Happy people attract people full stop!

Why can’t you look great in your clothes? YOU CAN! Go get yourself  some gorgeous new clothes, hire a personal shopper, stand tall and proud – you CAN look sexy when your not thin but the trick is to ACT sexy!

Why can’t you have more confidence? YOU CAN!  You absolutely can!  Rather than focus on all the things you dislike or hate about yourself right now, start to BE grateful for all your strengths and attributes.  Ask someone close to you and they will be able to real off loads of examples you probably won’t even think of!  Then write them down and remind yourself each day how wonderful you are!

Once you start acting as if, you are more likely to think and therefore start being the person you want to be and you will start having the very thing you want – whether it’s being slim, happy, rich etc.

Start being the person you want to be RIGHT NOW and don’t just simply wait to have because it might just never happen. If you hate it? then change it!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller



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