I am hungry – what do I do?

If you are finding you are getting hungry between meals then it could be that you need to increase protein and/or fibre (vegetables) at meal times to help keep hunger at bay. For example, if your usual breakfast is cereal or toast consider having a poached egg or omelette instead. Or if your usual lunch is a sandwich then consider a big chicken salad. I have plenty of recipes in my fat controlling cook book to help inspire you. Look out for it coming soon!

However, there are days when you just feel plain hungry regardless of what you have eaten at breakfast which can be down to a number of things! So here are some of my top tips on how to deal with hunger between meals without it derailing your fat controlling efforts:

  1. Green tea. This has massive health benefits. Drink during the course of the morning to help manage cravings, mood and motivation. There are plenty of different flavours and varieties to try. However if you have sleep issues, then I recommend not consuming it past lunch time.
  2. Hot Cocoa drink. This has a number of health benefits but mostly it has a really positive effect on cravings. I like to have mine with a little Xylitol to sweeten and sometimes topped with a little unsweetened almond milk. Again if you are having sleep issues consider reducing green tea and cocoa or just having it up until lunch time.
  3. A couple of squares of dark chocolate. Just enough to give you that melt in the mouth taste and a boost in beneficial brain chemicals. I like to have it with a small handful of brazils or almonds to add protein and a feeling of fullness. Often this sees me through until the next meal!
  4. Water. This is a brilliant appetite suppressor and is often be a cause of many peoples in-between meal hunger. I suggest clean filtered water where possible (such as Eco-pure water filters, mention me when ordering for a 10% discount). I like to add a slice of lemon and/or lime to increase the alkalinity and health benefits of the drink.
  5. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These are brilliant for helping deal with hunger. 5-20g per day based on your needs. For hunger and cravings try 5g BCAAs pre-workout, 5g BCAAs post-workout, 5g BCAAs mid-afternoon or 5g BCAAs before bed. Spreading them out will help manage hunger in-between meals.  Read more about this fat loss gem here
  6. A 10 minute Fitstop Workout. Or 1 minute of intense moves such as Squat jumps or running up and down the stairs. This can act as a brilliant appetite suppressor and mood enhancer. The release of hormones will actually suppress hunger while at the same time ramping up the metabolism. You could intersperse you day with them to not only increase your metabolism but also manage your cravings and appetite! For ten minute workouts that can do the same, check out my new Fitstop DVD!
  7. High fibre veggies such as cucumber or celery. Due to their high fibre and water content these will make you feel fuller and you can’t beat a good old crunch. These foods take more energy to digest than they supply. So not only are they filling and can help keep hunger at bay, they supply nutrients and can actually help burn more calories.
  8. A teaspoon or 2 of nut butter. Just a mouthful of this can really help manage tummy growls and is especially good when you let yourself get hungry before dinner. I use this before sometimes to help me sleep through the night. A small handful of nuts can do the same too. Full of minerals and the right healthy fats to help you feel satisfied.  Try it on a stick of celery or chopped apple or pear.
  9. Frozen berries with xylitol and coconut milk. A sweet tasting treat with fibre and high taste satisfaction. Simply defrost from the freezer or get fresh berries. Place them in a bowl, sprinkle over the sweetener and if desired add some almond or coconut milk.
  10. A fibre supplement. Either in tablet form or as a powder to mix in water or in food. Physillium is a good option to add to smoothies etc. Extra fibre helps slow the emptying of the gut, plus makes you feel fuller and lessens the rise in blood sugar and so giving you more sustained fullness and appetite control.
  11. Xylitol-based sugar-free gum. This can really help curb appetite and cravings. Most common gums have nasty sweeteners in which can, in some people, increase cravings for sugary foods so use with caution.
  12. A walk, Yoga, Pilates, phone a friend or listening to some meditation. Both lower the hunger hormone Ghrelin in the short-term and can help enhance the mood.
  13. Miso soup. You can get Miso soup from most health food stores and this can be a great tool to help between meals. Also becuase if is fermented it is really good for your gut. You may need to drink more water due to the higher salt content but it can really help take the edge of hunger between meals.
  14. Protein shake or bar. I love to make my smoothies with chocolate protein and extra cocoa powder. Plus I like to add fibre such as avocado and spinach. Experiment with nut butters or flax seeds to help increase the fibre and healthful fats. You could make your own protein bars or you can buy them in most supermarkets or health food stores too.

If you have any useful tips you like to use, then why not comment on this post or share it on Facebook!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill  – The Fat Controller

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