I think I can say after 20 odd years I am a well seasoned fat controller and I have learnt some pretty neat tricks over the years.  But it took practice and occasionally I still get it wrong OR make a decision to forget my rules for a meal or two here or there.

I make my own rules based on what I have learnt about my body and fat controlling.  But as I said before, it didn’t happen over night and I only learnt by firstly not quitting and secondly listening to my bodies feedback.

We often give ourselves an excuse to stop fat controlling because we believe that when we are out of our own envrionment fat controlling will be out of our control.  But there is always an element of control wherever you are and often you can make the best out of any given situation.  And whilst it might not always be ideal it was the best you can do and that is what matters after all!

So I thought it might be helpful to share some of fat controlling rules, tips and tricks to give you an idea of how fat controlling can happen on holiday, at parties, at events, at work – in fact anywhere!

  1. When anticipating a trip away, where possible take as much as you can with you.  From protein bars (I love Atkins Decadence or Maximuscle sculptress bars), unslated nuts and seeds, jars of nut butters to fruit.  My favourite fat controlling travel item is my SmartShaker.  It has a handy compartment at the bottom which means I can fill it with protein powders, snacks or supplements.
  2. Check out the local shops in advance of your journey and see what’s near.  Many shops stock items you can use for emergencies.
  3. Check the menus and restaurants ahead of travel.  If possible inform them of your dietary requirements before you go.  A good hotel or restaurant should be able to adapt simple meals. I often ask for extra veggies or salad to skip the potato, bread or pasta etc.
  4. Make a choice before you go as to what you are going to eat.  I am not afraid of pretending I have a gluten or wheat issue to avoid the dreaded wheat belly!  They often have options available or can make something up.
  5. take your own tea bags and cocoa to have in the hotel room
  6. Stay away from the elevators and use the stairs and walk around everywhere as much as possible
  7. Always remember that you are only ever one meal, one sleep, one workout or walk away from getting back on check.  Don’t let a slip up allow you to give yourself freedom to just ‘blow it’.  One meal won’t make that much difference.   Having an ‘I don’t have to be 100% perfect’ or ‘failure leads to success’ mindset avoids the guilt trap and the all-or-nothing diet mentality.
  8. If caught out and you choose to eat something not so fat controlling,  then choose weight training workouts to shunt the excess calories into building metabolism boosting muscle and walk as much as possible.  Failing that do some short burst high intensity moves such as 1 minute of squat jumps or high knees!
  9. Fast for a minumum of 12 hours from the last meal in the evening to breakfast the next day
  10. If meal choices are limited then the next best thing you can do is:

  • throw away the bread or at least part of the sandwhich and eat the middle
  • choose a soup starter or salad to fill you up.  Use balsemic vinegar to slow insulin release
  • drink plenty of water
  • avoid letting yourself get starving hungry as you will be unable to make good fat controlling decisions
  • eat the protein, salad or veggies and leave most of the starch
  • eat the protein, then the vegetables and you will more full and less likely to eat all the starches
  • ask them not to offer you bread or take the bread basket away
  • choose small menu options if possible
  • when choosing wine, skip the starches completely (potato, bread, rice etc)
  • when choosing a higher fat meal (think cheese sauces etc) omit the starches
  • if limited to a high starch meal, try to reduce the fat content as much as possible (ie, trim the fat, skim off the cheese etc)
  • If you faced with a high salt meal, try to limit starches or at least drink a ton of water
  • share a pudding with friends and just enjoy a few bites
  • avoid cream based sauces and fatty, fried meats
  • avoid the fruit juices, fizzy drinks and squash – ask for still or sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon
  • If all else fails just eat less of it!
  • ask for the dressings on the side and leave the veggies naked

Always remind yourself that you DO HAVE CONTROL everywhere you go.  Maybe not as much as in your own environment but sometimes with careful planning you can have more!  Be as prepared as much as you can and try to avoid leaving anything to chance.  Fat controlling will take some practice and patience!  If you are prepared to allow yourself to fail, learn and embrace a new way of living then it is possible to do fat controlling anywhere!

Happy fat controlling

Big love, small tummies,

Jill – The Fat Controller


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