Fear the beige and eat it anyway?

Are you wondering how you will survive the endless temptation and the inevitable post-beige bloat and fatigue?

I used to as well! But I am here to share the best and most freeing discovery of my life and that has set me FREE and to enjoy Christmas without fear or dread.


I used to fear this time of year. The party season full of temptation and indulgence. Back in the day when I used to follow strict diets and regimes, the Christmas festivities would be the ultimate test. I would literally feel sick at the thought of the ensuing torture. An endless sea of beige, sugary and fatty foods hanging under my nose. The all day nibbling and the expectation from others to join in.


Because I relied heavily on will power, it was always touch and go as to whether I would make it through unscathed. If I could avoid EVERYTHING then I would be OK. But just one whiff of beige, sugar and booze would send me to the buffet table to hoover everything up!

Why? Because I was still in diet mode. I was still in ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

Some years I would be strong and abstain feeling virtuous and relieved! Other years it would end up a complete big beige and booze binge and I would be hating and guilting myself into a post Christmas depression and subsequent panic diet!

But fast forward to now. I am FREE! I am without fear and dread. Because today I am a fat controller!


What does being a fat controller mean?

It means I have found a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating.

I LOVE HOW I EAT and NEVER feel deprived.

This was the most liberating discovery I have ever made in my quest for a fit and healthy body. It is now completely effortless! If I slip up….. I simple pick up where I left off. And it’s as easy as breathing.

How do you become a fat controller?

Here are my 12 steps to start thinking and acting like a fat controller!

  1. Understand that YOU are unique. Just because one method works well for someone doesn’t mean it will for you.
  2. Start to look at food as information and nutrition instead of calories. Learn that most beige, processed foods are full of starch, sugar and fat. This combination is the worst food for us to base our diets on.
  3. Fall in love with real foods. Experiment, expand your horizons and find ways to incorporate it easily into your life.
  4. Never start a diet you expect to finish! Accept this is a process that is to be enjoyed rather than a protocol to be endured! A fat controller will never feel that they have to deny themselves because they allow room for the things they truly love in a way that keeps them satisfied.
  5. Act as if! BE the person you want to be NOW! In other words, eat and adopt the behaviours of someone already fat controlling; daily movement, great sleep, real, fresh colourful foods as often as possible for example.
  6. A fat controller will practice, practice and practice! 
  7. Honour your metabolism, preferences and lifestyle. Find a way of living and eating that you both enjoy and can sustain. Then it becomes effortless and you are not relying on will power alone.
  8. Surround yourself with people that will inspire and encourage you. People that are keen to follow the same path will support your efforts. A fat controller is not afraid to lead and inspire others to change too.
  9. A fat controller is always one step ahead. They prepared and have planned as much as possible as often as possible.
  10. A fat controller pursues progress and not perfection. A fat controller will not take a bump the road as a signal to failure. They recognise that perfection does not exist and will simply take it as an opportunity to learn.
  11. A fat controller knows they are free to choose. Sometimes you will choose to indulge or not. You are completely in control of that choice and outcome. Instead of ‘I can’t have that’, they say ‘I choose NOT to have that’ or ‘I choose to feel amazing’.
  12. A fat controller chooses happiness NOW! They are not waiting to reach their goal to achieve happiness. Happiness comes from the pursuit of the goal. Happiness comes now and success will follow! Happiness comes from within and NOT from just the achievement of attaining a sexy body.

No longer do you need to fear the beige or the festive season. I have been practicing for so long now I no longer even crave beige. Instead I am able to listen to my body and I instinctively reach for the foods that fuel and nourish my mind and body. I know I am always one choice away from being the best fat controller I can be.


Happy Christmas to one and all!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


p.s. don’t forget to join our community where we are all practicing the no-beige lifestyle. We share support, motivation and inspiration to help banish the beige, belly and bloat the fat controlling way!

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