How does a slim girl stop the fat girl inside get her own way?

I trick her into feeling full and satisfied and to not feel like it’s a diet!


‘But Jill, how do you do that?’

  • I use foods that regulate appetite and satiety by balancing hunger hormones and blood sugar – think plenty of protein from lean meats, eggs, nuts and seeds, fibre in fresh colourful veggies and salads, occasional fruits and colourful starches in sweet potato, beets and more.
  • I use hacks to make it high on taste and look – think good fats, avocado, fresh herbs, seasoning, vinegars, limes and lemons.
  • Nothing is off limits! I simply moderate the foods she REALLY loves so she doesn’t feel deprived! – think daily moderate amounts of dark chocolate, nut butter, organic coffee, high taste cheese and a small glass of my favourite wine!
  • I don’t ever think of deprivation. Instead I think of nourishment – food is fuel and a recovery aid. It helps prevent premature ageing and gives me energy and vitality.
  • I think of exercise as movement that builds a strong lean body, not punishment for over eating – think lifting weights, short burst activities and relaxation activities such as yoga, pilates, walking, sex, laughter!
  • I think of relaxation and sleep as vital components to health, mindset and body weight – think allowing yourself to have down time and not feeling guilty for pleasure activities and duvet days!

Healthy grilled salmon dish

The fat girl inside will always try to get out. But I now know how to keep her under wraps and be in control of my body fat!

Big love, small tummies,

Jill – The Fat Controller

jill chocolate

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