If 20 years ago someone had told me I would be on this journey that I am on right now I would have told them they were barking mad!  In fact I would have died laughing (or at least gone into cardiac arrest)

20 years ago I was overweight, deeply shy and quite frankly, I didn’t want to exist and I felt pretty certain nobody would have missed me!

So how did I get to where I am now? – I hated it!  So I changed it!

Like most people there have been a number of significant events in my life.  Some more significant than others.  Painful memories of being teased and bullied.  Painful memories of being insignificant at school.  Painful memories of wanting the ground to swallow me up!  Am I angry and bitter?

NO!  No I am not 🙂  Because those early life experiences through childhood, teens and early adulthood have sculpted me into the person I am today.  Without those experiences and struggles with disordered eating and self-loathing I would never understand the very people I am helping now.  Without the taunts and comments as I grew up about my height and weight I would never appreciate what others felt when they went through the same.

These deeply painful experiences eventually led me to start a journey.  A journey that I am still on.  A journey that I can now help others begin.

How I started the journey!

I tried every diet know to man.  I starved, I binged, I took pills, I would try anything.  But I learnt the lesson that every serial dieter has learnt and is still learning!  DIETS DO NOT WORK!

Well maybe they do for a time for someone?  Show me that person in 5 years time.  Statistics for successful long term weight loss are shocking.  To put it into perspective – if you were to embark on a diet and aerobic exercise regime every year for five years straight, you would fail every year except one!  The success rate of achieving and maintaining that for more than two years is around 5%

DIET = Do I Eat Today?

I soon learnt the yo-yo dieters ‘weigh’ of life.  The elation at a short term loss and crushing despair when it all piled back on and more.  Equalling more self loathing, equalling more dispair 🙁

In the UK alone the dieting industry is worth £2billion

At school I believed that I was useless at sport!  But NO-ONE ever told me that exercise wasn’t just sport!  I had always loved music so when a friend suggested I try an aerobics class I didn’t hesitate!

WELL!!!  What a revelation.  I left the class on a complete natural high.  A new found way to make me feel good.  This led to an interest in food as I naturally leaned towards healthier food choices.  Exercise was the new comfort food that I had been using all those years to ease my inner sadness.

Over the years I read books, magazines, talked to others about diets.  I experimented with different foods and noted the way it made me feel.  Over time I began to realise that certain foods made me feel good.  Certain foods stripped me of my energy and made me crave more.  Certain foods gave me my Mojo!

The average woman spends over £20,000 on dieting in her lifetime!

Breaking out of the cycle of bingeing and starving and the calorie counting mindset was the hardest thing I have done.  But it has been the most significant catalyst to the change in my body.  BUT I was still doing crazy aerobic exercise – I thought I could jog the fat away by just burning loads of calories!!!  But over time my body broke down.  So was there a better way?

I wanted to understand not just what foods to eat but also how to move my body.  Again several books later and observations on the lean body builders in my gym I discovered that final piece of the puzzle! Resistance training and then EPOC (the burn!!!!!). Here is an article I wrote on my preferred choice of exercise – Metabolic Training

This powerful medium of exercise really helped me change my body shape and it gave me the confidence I should have had years ago.  So the ending?  The right food for ME is information for MY body, the right exercise for ME ignites MY fat burning machinery and MY understanding of MY body is completely unique for ME!  This mission to help others find understand their own unique machinery is what continues to fuel my journey to keep learning!

I want to transfer this knowledge and experience onto others.  I know I can help to free women from the dieting misery that consumes so much of our lives.  This is what inspires me to do what I do and that’s why I HATE diets and that’s why I created Ignite and the Mojo Club.

Jill – The Fat Controller

Live life, eat well and burn fat!



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