I get you I really really do! If I drop my guard I can easily struggle with this too.

I believe that the number one reason you are struggling with eating the wrong things is that you are not eating enough of the right things. Of course there is more to this but if you can work WITH your body as opposed to against it then the struggle will end. When you fight something, it fights back. So why not make peace with your body instead?

So why am I struggling to resist unhealthy foods all the time?

You are not optimising your hunger, stress and energy hormones. Eating a lower starched based diet and eating more real foods will help stabilise the hormones that control and regulate appetite and energy. There is more you can do to help such as manage sleep, stress and moving your body more. Below are my top tips for putting an end to the struggle!


My top tips:

  1. Go back to the basics of getting balancing hunger, stress and energy hormones.  I recommend following a lower starch based diet (#banishthebeige) such as the one below by Nutrition Advance. Keep it really simple. Replace the beige, processed foods with real, colourful fibrous vegetables and salads.  Base your meals on good proteins, fats and vegetables as listed in the guide below.
  2. Beating yourself up daily? Self editing exhausts your mental and emotional resources and so leaves will power very low.  We don’t like being told what to do, we are no different when we talk to ourselves. Instead practice compassion as change isn’t easy. Practicing loving yourself up daily!
  3. Get some feel good hormones going. A quick burst of activity such as a walk, running up and down the stairs can do wonders for brain chemistry. Yoga, sex, masturbation, Pilates or a good belly laugh can also do wonders.
  4. Practice self love and care. If you don’t truly care for yourself, how can you expect yourself to make positive choices? Good sleep, regular movement, good hydration with plenty of rest and relaxation is crucial for helping stabilise your metabolic engine.
  5. Write down all the positive changes you have made so far. When you feel down, fat or negative it kills will power and makes you crave things to enhance dopamine in the brain (i.e. pleasure from sugary junk food or alcohol). Gratitude is like a miracle pill. Look for reasons to feel happy and good NOW and the journey gets easier!
  6. Be VERY clear on your REAL reasons. Superficial reason such as ‘looking good in a bikini’ are not enough. Dig deeper. Inspiration comes from within. Is it to inspire others to follow your journey and experience success? Is it to feel comfortable and sexy with your partner? Is it to live longer? Usually there is a deeper reason that will keep you motivated when the going gets tough. Motivation is short lived. It needs refreshing and recharging everyday
  7. The other top tool I use is to shape the environment to make the journey easier. If will power feels low consider removing the temptation from arms reach and put good healthy options within easy access. Make the path to health easy!
  8. Practice mindfulness. I learned a terrific tool from a book years ago. I set myself times. I would resist eating again after breakfast for 4 hours. I would set the clock. If I got hunger or craved in between I would just get comfortable with it. Feel it and acknowledge it. This mindfulness enabled me get back in touch with real hunger again.
  9. Moving from dieter to fat loss seeker doesn’t happen overnight. You have conditioned your brain to diet and see food as calories and weight loss as the holy grail. As you start to learn a different approach you will start to see food in a different way. For now, try to pay more attention to how you feel energy wise, hunger, mood, cravings wise to get in touch with getting the fuel right for YOU. Instead of seeing diet as punishment, start to look for ways to enjoy this new journey of building a leaner, stronger body and a lifestyle that you LOVE! If you see it as a destination only (i.e. weight loss, six pack), the motivation will go once you are there. You won’t appreciate the mistakes and the research you are having.

For a brilliant summary on the low carb diet with some great meal suggestions take a look below.


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Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller


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