I eat to comfort my sadness…….I feel sad

I am addicted to junk food…….I am an addict

I starve to punish myself…….I am greedy

I try every diet I can find………I am confused

I have no willpower…….I am weak

I hate exercise……….I am lazy

I am repulsed by my reflection………..I am fat

I hate clothes shopping……….nothing fits or looks good

I feel jealous of my thin friends…………they are lucky

I wish I could be thin everyday………it’s just not fair

I think my life would be perfect if I were thin………..I’ll never be thin

I think I’m not good enough………….I can’t change, it’s too hard

I hate myself…………I wish I were different

I have no control over my thinking, eating or my own life…….it’s not my fault

I used to think and talk like this…………..I kept stating the problems, making excuses and being a victim.

Instead, I needed to find solutions. So I just started to think and talk a little differently. I started to ask myself questions instead of stating the problems:

‘How can I stop hating myself?’
‘How can I stop eating junk food?’
‘How can I get control over my eating?’
‘How can I start to love exercise?’

As I changed my thinking and started to ask myself questions, it was as if by magic that I started to seek solutions. I used to find solutions to my problems and stopped blaming everything and everyone else.

Whenever I found myself making excuses:

‘I am too tired’
‘I have no time’
‘I am too busy’

It became harder. I had given myself permission to accept my state and do nothing about it. I had taken my power away. The moment I flipped it I re-gained my power and my ability to change:

‘Up until now I was too tired’ but ‘From now on I am no longer too tired to exercise as I will make time’
‘Up until now I have no time’ but ‘From now on I make time to cook so I feel fantastic’
‘Up until now I was too busy’ but ‘From now I will make my health a priority, as I am more important than work’

I can’t remember exactly when my turning point was or what was the catalyst for my change in thinking and language. But something made me realise that only I had the power to change.

I started with my thought process – I stopped making excuses. I accepted that I needed to do something different and take responsibility for my life and the outcomes.

Responsibility = your ability to respond

That day I took control, that day I decided to start a journey of learning and discovery became the first day of a new life.

How can I take responsibility and start to make that change?

Start by changing your self talk:

‘up until now’ you used to hate cooking. But ‘from now on’ I am going to start learning some new easy recipes.

‘up until now’ I used to hate exercise. But ‘from now on’ I am going to embrace the feel good factor after.

‘up until now’ I didn’t know what to eat. But ‘from now on’ I will start learning more about my fuel so I feel great.

‘up until now’ I had no will power or self-control. But ‘from now on’ I will start to choose foods that fill me up and satisfy my hunger.

‘up until now’ I was fat and out of shape. But ‘from now on’ I am starting to love how my body can change when I move and feed it well.

‘up until now’ I was tired and depressed. But ‘from now on’ I am starting to energise my body with great food and exercise.

‘up until now’ I was too busy to fit this all in. But ‘from now on’ I am loving learning about my body and making my health my priority!

So if I can be a fat controller then anyone can!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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