How many times have you or someone else uttered these words?

I am going to start a diet tomorrow!

What does this mean? Does it imply that you will stop at some point? It usually does!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if fat loss and attaining the ideal body weight were effortless?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could live your life, eat well and burn fat all at the same time?

What if I was to tell you that YOU CAN?

Would you be interested to know more?


What does DIET mean to you?

To me it used to mean Do I Eat Today?

Perhaps it means a calorie restriction to you  or a followed protocol or plan for a number of weeks. Simply type in diets in Google and you will be inundated. Let us look at some examples:

  1. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley – points, coloured days, fat grams
  2. Bootcamp plans – elimination diets, detox’s
  3. on-line fat loss courses – structured menus with low calories recipes
  4. Diet food delivered – low calorie pre-prepared food
  5. Lighter life – low calorie shakes and meal replacement bars
  6. Tesco and Sainsbury’s Diets – on-line menus and shopping
  7. Special K – eat cereal in place of meals
  8. That’s without mentioning the gazillion books – Atkins, Dukan, Keto, The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet etc.

The common ground on most programmes – is there is a set protocol – a distinct set of guidelines that you follow and expect a linear result. i.e you reduce calories and therefore you will lose weight.

But what is the most common problem with most weight loss diets?

They focus completely on calories which is a massive under sight. Food is information for the body. In other words what you choose to eat, and not how much, has more impact on the bodies ability to control hunger, energy and cravings.

Eating less calories by simply reducing food intake means you are sending out the message to the body that food is in short supply. Whilst you may be able to sustain ‘weight loss’ (this is not the same as fat loss) for a period of time, pretty soon the body’s amazing physiology, hormones and brain chemistry will make it impossible to resist food as you hunger and cravings increase exponentially.

Diets continue to sell the notion that there is a plan you can pick off the shelf that will work for you.

You can follow the instructions to get to a certain point.

Well I have news for you!  Your body is WAY to smart for this!

Let’s put it like this:

  • You are going on a road trip to a unfamiliar place.
  • You have never been here before.
  • Someone is directing you with their map.
  • You listen and take instructions and arrive quickly and safely to your destination.
  • You travelled quickly and you were keen to get there.
  • So you noticed nothing about the journey.
  • No shortcuts, no landmarks, no bumps, no wrong turns.

So the next time you have to make the same journey you have no map and no one to direct you.

You are on your own and you have to find you way there.

So let’s analyse:

  • How difficult will it be?
  • How much effort will it take?
  • Will you make the same mistakes?
  • Will you get there at all again?
  • This is the same as most plans or diets you follow!

We are SO focused on getting to the end that you learn nothing about your journey!

Tell me what to eat and how much and I will be able to stick to it I promise!
The problem here is that once you no longer have the plan or the protocol – the 28 days are up, the 2 weeks are over, the 3 month trial is complete – what happens now?

Well for some the success rate may be fairly good for a while.  But statistics are poor for dieters.  66% of people who start a diet will invariably end up fatter two years later. That’s even if they are lucky enough to lose weight to start with.

All miracles involve a shift in perception – A Course in Miracles
  • Let me suggest a mind shift for you!
  • A fresh perspective!
  • Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Body fat is simply a symptom of an underlying problem or set of problems.  It will require a multi-faceted approach.

So in other words – more than just a diet and exercise plan. Why?

If you were planning a holiday would you just set off without first planning your journey or packing for every eventuality?

No probably not. Not if you want an effortlessly enjoyable trip anyway.

If you really want an enjoyable life, reaching your goals is not enough.  You’re also going to have to find a more enjoyable way of getting there. – Michael Neill

Fat loss and feeling amazing in your own body is no different.

So by someone like me telling you what to eat and when, how to exercise and how often isn’t enough! You probably know this already deep down yet still repeat the same patterns, getting the same results. It isn’t your fault.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

However, now you can start to see how you can design your own unique journey, embark on it with a fresh mindset and sense of clarity. As a coach I can give you a set of tools and guidelines to send you on your way, guide you a little to find your own protocols so you eventually learn the process. Until it becomes a habit!

It is your job to embrace it, learn all that you can so you can plan every single aspect of your journey. 

  • Be flexible and know that things change. 
  • You will need to adopt a different mindset – one that isn’t focused on the destination but one that is open to learning, discovery, challenges and persistence.

With each progressive step forward you will learn more about yourself and your journey. There is no failure only feedback and each wrong turn you take will lead you to learn new things about yourself and ways to make the journey more comfortable.

Look at any highly skilled profession such as a concert pianist. They only become truly exceptional after many, many years of daily practice, persistence and a desire to succeed above all else. In fact, your desire to succeed should be as great as your desire to breath.

So in order to get to this point you have to really explore why it is you want to achieve your dream body!

  • Everyday of your journey will be different.  It is not a linear journey.
  • Accept there will be days where it will harder than others but you become better and better as time goes on.
  • With each mistake you make, you will learn a better way.
  • Sure you can already drive but we are learning a more efficient way to drive your motor – effortless and with relative ease!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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p.s. if you want to start a journey with help and support then why not start with a FREE 7 day plan to start a new way eating and living? #DeBeigetox

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