I was so thrilled to bring this new concept to life.  After working for many years with women who struggled with diets and body confidence issues.  I knew there was a gap in the market to help these busy, stressed out women learn a new way of living.

Many times I heard the phrase

I’ve lost my Mojo!

I knew it was time to step in and devise a solution and so The Mojo Club was born!  Read more details here and let me know if you would like to go on the waiting list.


The Mojo Course isn’t a diet, it’s a shift to an easy to adopt healthier lifestyle, with fab food and an exercise regime which is simple to integrate into normal busy lives. If you start it with an open mind its a journey you can maintain for the longterm. Also because of the small numbers in the group there’s a real common goal and camaraderie established. So glad I started this – thank you to the group and of course Jill. – Sarah


The Mojo Course is so worthwhile. Educating us about clean food, but certainly not boring or faddy. Exercise that is minimum effort for maximum effect all leading to a slim and healthy body. Thank you Jill this is a great journey. – Lee


I am the largest lady in our small Mojo group so my journey will inevitably be the longest. Having battled with my weight since childhood, it has taken me until now, aged 47, to find someone who can offer me real hope of changing my life. Our Mojo group is small and intimate which means that we all have quality time with Jill, whether in person or on Facebook. The Facebook site is a wonderful resource of recipes, workouts, advice and fun, and a place where we can all keep in touch and encourage each other on a regular basis. We have already built up a great camaraderie in a short time. As for the ‘diet’ (I hesitate to call it a diet), Jill has introduced us to a new way of thinking about food, and we are all making the most of her recipes and advice. I have done more cooking from scratch recently than I have in years and I get so much out of it. The workouts are intensive but short and rest-based so you do as much as you possibly can then take a short break and then back to it. My fitness level has increased significantly and is improving every week. I can feel my body changing. My clothes are looser, my skin is better, my mood is enhanced. I have lost weight too (though it’s not just about that). I’m absolutely loving our Mojo journey and think my Mojo mates would agree too.Jill inspires us with her knowledge, her time, her enthusiasm and her passion and we are all the better for it. Thanks Jill x – Lindsey

Read more details here and let me know if you would like to go on the waiting list.
Big love, small tummies!  Jill – The Fat Controller x
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