Ignite was brought to life after a successful experimental trial last year.  The results were amazing and so I knew there was a market for on-line support.  Plus I knew there were lots of people that couldn’t attend my local classes, cookery events or fat loss programmes.   Nothing could have prepared me for how successful it has become.  I have included some testimonials and images so you can see for yourself.   Click here for more information about the course and how to book. 

I feel amazing!! I am a self confessed spotty chocoholic, diet coke monster and french bread fiend, but not only have i not touched these items but I also don’t crave them either. My skin is improved, my measurements and weight are down and I’m sleeping better than I have for as long as I can remember, so basically very happy. I still have issues with eating and drinking enough, and also like the others struggle when out socially and I hear that “just one drink/pudding/potato it won’t hurt” from my so called friends, but I’ve become stronger and now look for alternatives, but also try not to beat myself up if I do have a small glass of wine. Thank you for all your help and guidance, definitely could not have done it without you 🙂 x – Dawn


I know I should not have done yet, but saw the tape measure in the drawer and thought I would measure ….I CANNOT believe my inchloss…..and its not finished yet….OMG!! I love this programme….It has made me want to carry on and on…although I’m getting lots of compliments about my weight loss I have really started to notice it myself which makes me feel AWESOME! xx – Miranda


I’ve been on a diet for most of my life, I have even worked within the slimming industry helping other people lose weight. This programme is different, a breath of fresh air. Never before after 3 weeks on any weight loss/fitness programme have I felt so good. I have gone down a dress size, I can feel my body toning up and changing shape and I love the way I feel. This programme a life change for a fit and healthy future. Loving it! – Claire

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