Firstly can I ask?

Do you choose to feel fat, tired and miserable?

Do you choose to feel bad about yourself?

Do you choose to have low self-esteem maybe?


I thought not.

So then why do we sabotage our efforts when we know what we ‘should‘ be doing? Why can’t we stick to a healthy eating and exercise regime despite us knowing it’s good for us? How many times are we going to keep ‘should’in’ ourselves?

I was recently lucky enough to attend a ‘Recharge Day’ presented by Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory from the Ministry of Inspiration.  WOW what a mind opener. Never has the power of the subconscious mind been put so simply before. Within this blog I have included snippets, words and ideas from the day and I hope it can help you too.

My aim here is to help clear one of life’s little mysteries up and inspire you to stay motivated!

Do you ever find yourself scanning the menu determined to choose the healthy option with extra salad….. yet by the time the waiter arrives that pesky inner voice has long persuaded you that you deserve the pizza, side order of garlic bread and a large glass of wine?

Or what about when the day that has gone soooooo well but by nightfall you can’t keep out of the fridge or the cupboards and you spend all night eating while inwardly shaming your greed and lack of self-control?

Oh well…… I’ve started so I will finish the bag…..

Do you wish you could just feel good about your eating habits and yourself in general?

Do you wish you could feel good about life and free from feeling prisoner to your food addictions?

If any of that sounds familiar I can assure you I know exactly how you feel!

So how can I stop eating stupid?

Well here is the good news….. Like I did YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN stop eating stupid but you just need to find the special switch!

Can you show me how to find the special switch? Absolutely YES!

AND what’s more I can show you how to flip it!

Firstly it’s important to understand that there are two of you involved!

“Two of us?” I hear you cry!

Yep! There are two of you. One is trying it’s hardest to be happy and healthy but you are never really ‘there!’  The ‘other one’ is telling you lies, generally stopping you enjoy life and AND using up all your energy reserves (sabotage) in the process too!! So neither of them are doing you any favours as they battle a daily war inside your heart and your head!

So who is the ‘other one’ and how can I gain back control and my energy?

The ‘other one’ is the one that will always win if you listen

The ‘other one’ is the one that is never shuts up driving you nuts

You can never get rid of the ‘other one’ no matter how hard you try

The ‘other one’ will always be right if you believe them!

The ‘other one’ is the voice inside your head and (Some will call it your subconscious mind and some will call it the unconscious mind) is referred to here as your script, program or the ‘other one’.

From the moment we are born our script or program is being written. The ‘other one’ is born with you! Every lesson we learn and every experience, smell, sight, sound we have is recorded in our program or script for us to remember for future reference.

Sometimes the program or script is useful and helps us enormously in life – like how to speak, play music, drive or how to perform simple repetitive tasks that free us up to learn new things BUT often we learn things that are NOT useful to us. And it’s these things that can be use up all our energy and rob us of happiness….. BUT only if we listen.

Here is an example of the kind of daily war that goes on between the ears:

*** Start of the lunchtime war***

You: ” Today is the start of the new me. I will get ‘there’. Today I am going to choose the colourful, nutritious salad from the cafe for my lunch”

‘The ‘other one’: “Yes but it’s cold today and it might not keep you warm or full for long’

You: “But I was really naughty at the weekend and I need to be good’

The ‘other one’: “Yes but you can be good tomorrow, there is always tomorrow. Live for today and have the pizza….besides it tastes REEEEEEEAALLLLLY good remember :)”

You: “But the wheat will bloat my tummy and it has so many calories in……….!”

The ‘other one’: “Doesn’t normally stop you! You are fat and have no willpower remember ha ha!!”

The waitress arrives:

You: “Damn right! OK give me pizza’

Roll forwards an hour

You: “I’m so fat, I feel blurrrgh. I’m so weak!! I knew I should have had the salad!! I never stick to a diet….. I feel rubbish….I give up on my diet today……”

The ‘other one’: “SEE I told you so!!!!”

***End of lunch time war***

So you see how the ‘other one’ can talk you round and prove itself right every time. The war in your head goes on ALL the time.

This war stops you from ever getting to ‘there’…  you know the place you really want to get to!

But what if you could prevent the war? What if you could live in harmony with the ‘other one’?

What if you start to notice the ‘other one’ and learn to be able to choose to ignore?

What if you CHOSE to ignore what they were saying and took back control?

It’s important to remember that when you are not feeling good or you are not eating good food it’s not that you chose to do that. You wouldn’t consciously choose to feel bad remember!

You just didn’t choose anything! You simply allowed ‘other one’ or the program that runs in the background to make the choices for you.

Choices based on your learned and perceived identity and lessons you learned many years ago that left a shadow on your soul. Now it’s time to cast light on that shadow so you can be free to be where you want to be!

So if you are now aware that you are often not choosing…… would you allow it to continue? NO!! You wouldn’t allow the ‘other one’ to run the program or script that isn’t serving you well. You would choose to eat well and feel good right? YES!


So more about the ‘other one’ or program:

It is built by your identity of yourself. Maybe you grew up believing you were fat after being teased at school. Or maybe you learned to comfort eat when you were sad and lonely. Maybe you see yourself as a comfort eater. Maybe you see yourself as lazy?

  • I am fat
  • I am lazy
  • I have no willpower
  • I have always been fat
  • I am a comfort eater

Notice how you are defining your identity. Years and years of believing the stories and lies the ‘other one’ tells you. None of it is based on facts.

Your brain is faced with millions of bits of information every second and if you believe the ‘other one’ or the program then it will seek the very proof it needs to suit your thoughts or your perceived identity. Just to prove you right because you are ALWAYS right.

Failure is your research for success

You are not the ‘other one’!  You are not the script!  Because it isn’t based on facts!

When you are not feeling good or eating good you are listening to the ‘other one’ or living from the script! Your identity creates your script!

So how are you identifying yourself?

What if everything you think you are is wrong?

How about you define your identity just as you would like it to be.

Does saying ‘I am fat’ feel good? NO!!!!

Will those feelings you create encourage you to make good choices? NO!!!

What about if you create a new identity of ‘I am nourishing my body’ or ‘I am creating my strong healthy body’? or even ‘I have all the willpower I need to succeed’.


Everything you thought you knew about positive thinking is wrong!

We wait for the result to get the feeling….. but this doesn’t work. In order to get a slim body we have to act like a slim person yet we still try to get a slim body before we start acting like a slim person. Can you see where the problem is?

You can be ‘there’ NOW! You don’t have to wait. Enjoy being that slim person now and enjoy all the feelings it creates and let the life and body of a slim person manifest!

We wait to feel happy to be happy!

Why can’t you feel happy now so you can be happy? It’s a feeling. Happiness creates a feeling and you have the power to create that feeling. You can do the same with success and love. You can do it right now if you choose? Or you can simply just let your script, program or the ‘other one’ to decide………

What if you choose to enjoy the slim, healthy body now? What if you started to create the identity to match the outcome?

You are completely perfect as you are. You have everything you need as you are. You are already awesome

You want to create the feelings before the result? OK let’s do it:

Get a pen and paper super quick. Write down the following:

  1. Write down the words to define how you WANT to be. Write down the identity you would like to be. Create the positive feelings associated with this identity!
  2. Now write down how it feels to be ‘there’. Imagine you are already there. Wherever it is you want to be and write down what it looks, sounds and feels like! Really get into the moment of how being ‘there’ really feels!
  3. Write down a silly name for the ‘other one’ so you can say something like ‘shut up bitch’ when you hear the ‘other one’ talk you out of something, tell lies or a negative story!
  4. Re-read these words everyday all day and start to think and act like that identity and begin to experience those feelings NOW. Shut the ‘other one’ up and act like you are already ‘there’!

Practice this everyday. The same as bathing… you can’t do it once and stay clean! You have to keep bathing yourself in this stuff. And as you do you can help but splash this stuff around!

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat ‘I’m there’ Controller

jill-back hici

p.s. don’t forget to check out Richard and Liz! They really are ‘there’ and quite simply are amazing! Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory from the Ministry of Inspiration.

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