Has your mojo been long gone?

Feeling fat, stuck and frustrated?

Have you reached that same point that I did and are desperate to change it?

Well read on because this is exactly why I am here! My name is Jill and I am a simple girl. I only ever dreamed of loving myself and the skin I was in. I thought happiness & love would come when I finally became slim.


Did you know that over 95% of diets will fail after 2-3 years. And of those, 66% will end up fatter…….

I spent most of my formative years thinking that eating less and exercising more was the answer and it was my fault for being so weak. I developed a terrible relationship with food and my body and literally tried to hate myself thin! Somehow I managed to navigate my way through food addiction and create a way of living and eating that I enjoyed and could sustain. I become a fat controller.

After years of battling with disordered eating, food addiction and countless unsuccessful diets myself,  I discovered a simple method that works. The Fat Controlling method!


My food philosophy and fat controlling method is this….

There is one food group that keeps us from our natural, healthy body weight. This food group has sneaked into our diet and it is food that we are not designed to eat.

So Jill, what is this food group that causes us so much trouble?


Beige, dead food is not really food in my opinion. It is peddled everywhere as food and as such we have become brainwashed to accept it. For 2.5 million years of our existence on this planet, our bodies evolved to function on real food.  Today we our modern food industry and lifestyles are chocking us. It is making us fat, sick and tired!

Enter the Low beige diet #BanishtheBeige.

Out of my frustration of seeing so many fail to lose weight or maintain weight loss and suffer with a lack of mojo, I begun a mission to help 1000’s #BanishtheBeige a in the simplest and easiest way possible! #SimpleFatLoss

The average diet only lasts around 19 days because it relies purely on will power. Will power alone will never out wit your amazing physiology that has evolved over millions of years!


When you join the #BanishtheBeige community and start to follow the low-beige diet, you will immediately start to gain back your mojo and achieve natural weight loss. This combined with some other simple mindset & lifestyle changes, you will start to create a healthier, happier and stronger self. Join our community here:


This is no coincidence. These results are all down to one major change in the beginning. And that is to eliminate all processed foods! Foods that look nothing like any natural food. Beige, dead foods have been turned into pies, cakes, biscuits, pasta, crisps, sweets, chocolates, ready meals, pizza, sandwiches and all similar products. It comes in packets and boxes with a list of ingredients you will unlikely find growing on a tree! In other words, man has turned anything remotely useful to the human body into beige frankenfood!


Feeling ready to lose weight isn’t enough. You have to be ready to change. Daily motivation and support makes a massive difference when you are trying to change your thoughts, environment and behaviour. Having people around you that has trodden the path you are trying to follow, gives you a much greater chance of success.


Want to join us? I am on a mission to create an army of fat controllers who #BanishtheBeige and are able to create a sustainable and enjoyable diet and lifestyle for weight loss that is easy to attain and maintain!

Come and get your Mojo back! and join our FREE community and start today!

Big love, small tummies!

JillThe Fat Controller