Why I love them!

1) They regulate energy because they are gluconeogenic (i.e. help the body make its own glucose).  This makes them an essential component to controlling energy levels for high intensity exercise during lower carbohydrate/starch diets.

2) They regulate hunger and cravings through interaction with satiety regulating sensors in the brain.

3) They blunt levels of cortisol which can inhibit the bodies ablity to build muscle (particularily during intense fasted exercise and periods of extreme stress) so prevent muscle breakdown. They help maintain muscle and aid in helping the body build new muscle under anabolic states thus enhancing metabolism efficiency.

4) Use BCAAs To Help Cut Fat. Another benefit of BCAAs is their ability to enhance fat loss. Research on leucine alone has shown that this amino acid can increase metabolic rate, and therefore the amount of total calories and fat burned.  I recommend BCAAs on my on-line ‘Ignite’ programmes and fat loss courses.

5) Use BCAAs To Energise Your Muscles. Besides boosting energy by being used as a direct fuel source for muscle fibers Research studies confirm that taking BCAAs before workouts lowers the amount of fatigue you feel. In addition, BCAAs can also help to boost brain function by reducing brain fatigue.

6) BCAAs also work to enhance muscle growth and strength by altering levels of anabolic and catabolic hormones.. BCAAs have also been found to increase levels of growth hormone.

Dose 5g for 1st 100lb BW and 5g for each additional 50lb BW and then another 10g for heavy resistance training or intense regular metabolic training and are useful pre and post workout.

Things to consider:

Because of the large doses required it would be difficult to get the required doses in capsule form.  So therefore I believe it is necessary to get it as a powder.  But it doesn’t taste nice on it’s own or mix well therefore you will want to get a micronized version and one with sweeteners and flavorings.  I have a not a fan of sweetners usually BUT in the case of BCAAs their effects are so great that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Are they OK to take as I thought they were only for body builders?   They are completely fine to take and can be just as useful in a fat loss diet due to the ability to preserve and build muscle whilst trying to drop body fat. BCAAs are simply protein like any other form such as protein powders, eggs, chicken etc.   Personally I love the brand Labrada and the berry flavour tastes like fruit juice!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill  – The Fat Controller

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