Fact of the matter is that majority of people either really don’t understand the significance of a wholesome serene sleep or they fail to give it proper time and importance. This has repercussions far worse than many people believe they can handle. Insomnia mars the joys of life of millions’ of people across the globe. Though it is a serious medical illness and requires appropriate professional treatment, there is still much that you can do to help yourself. These 7 Simple and Effective Tips for a Better Sleep are definitely going to help you get a better sleep every night.

1 Light is good, but only during the day

Realising this simple fact can help you significantly in coping with your insomniac tendencies; according to many recent studies. Having a bright room during the day is a wonderful thing, but make sure you sleep in a dark room at night, totally banning modern electronic accessories like laptops, mobile phones or even digital clocks. This is because the soft blue glow from such devices stops your bran from cueing your body to sleep mode.

2 Avoid Naps

Contrary to common beliefs, napping is not good for people suffering from insomnia. However, if you find napping inevitable, make sure it is in the early half of the day, extending no more than 20 minutes. Experts believe that any napping activity within 8 hours of your bedtime can disturb your sleep later on.

3 Block the clock

This is yet another simple tip to trick your sleeplessness during the night. Glancing at a clock when waking up during the night can cause a slight panic in your mind about the tasks lying ahead. So, make sure you place your alarm clock inside a drawer or keep it faced away from your sight.

4 Get your body clock into routine

You will be surprised to see the improvement in your sleeping patterns only if you can fine tune your body clock, going to bed and waking up at a fixed time, even on the weekends. This type of synchronisation will help your body and mind achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

5 Respect your bed; sleep and sex only!

Doesn’t this sound to be the best advice coming your way in a long time? Well, make the best use of it by following it. Instead of pursuing menial tasks like balancing your checkbook and texting your friends while lying in your bed, make sure to put your new memory foam mattress to the best uses, i.e. sleeping and having sex. What better can your bed and bedroom serve you other than relaxation and rest?

6 Get rid of late afternoon caffeine

A cup of coffee in the morning is what you should go for, while totally avoiding it after the clock strikes noon. It is believed to interfere with your body’s ability to induce sleep. In fact, there are studies that show that it can keep you awake as far as up to 8 hours after you sip it down.

7 Work it out for you!

Well, nothing can feel better than working it out for you! From countless studies, it is evident that working out surely improves one’s sleep quality. However, it is better if you don’t engage in a highly demanding physical workout close to bedtime, aiming to end any rigorous exercises 3 to 4 hours before your sleep time.


You will be surprised to see the gains in your sleeping, helping you better cope with issues like insomnia.

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