Yes that’s right! Fat loss in 60 seconds!

This little trick will be sure to rev up your metabolism and done smartly you can add an extra 10 minutes of high intensity activity into your day without having to leave the office!

In fact, get your work colleagues to join in.  If they don’t they will soon wish they did as they see your energy levels rise and your fat disappear!

60 second fat loss:

Set an alarm clock to go off every 60 mins for the day. Either use your computer or mobile phone.

Each time the alarm goes off choose one of the following exercises and perform for 60s or until you are so breathless and your muscles are burning you can’t continue.  To increase intensity, have some dumbbells hidden under your desk for a sneaky weights session in between board meetings or while you are waiting for the kettle to boil!


  1. press-ups
  2. lunges
  3. power squats (add a little jump after each squat)
  4. high knees (sprint on the spot)
  5. run up and down a flight of stairs
  6. power lunges (add a hop in between lunges)
  7. single leg squats
  8. planks
  9. star jumps
  10. burpees
  11. roundhouse kicks and uppercuts
  12. mountain climbers
  13. bicycles
  14. tuck jumps
  15. squat thrusts
  16. side planks
  17. shoulder presses
  18. Bent over flys
  19. Squat rows
  20. DB squats

These are just examples and there are plenty more you can find on the Internet. Be imaginative and use variety.  Perform them safely and controlled. When you are comfortable with the moves then you can add speed or power to increase the intensity further.


When you feel stronger and fitter, set your alarm for 30 min intervals and double your workouts!  If you work at home consider investing in some basic equipment such as a Z-trainer or TRX system that can be fitted to door ways etc. As well as dumbbells you could use Kettlebells or steps to add variety to your 60 second bursts.

The longer your working day, then more 60 second bursts you can fit in!

Of course you can further enhance and increase your results:

  • Follow a fat controlling food plan such as the one on Ignite.  Simple cut back on starches (bread, pasta, sugar etc) and increase your protein (chicken, eggs fish etc) and fibre (vegetables, salads etc)
  • Wear a pedometer and aim to get to 10,000 steps initially.  Then aim for 15,000 and then 20,000 – a fasted pre-breakfast and pre-lunch time walk is ideal
  • Fidget as much as possible. Read my blog here about how you can increase calorie burn by simply fidgeting!
  • Use the stairs all the time and take two steps at a time and sprint up them
  • Install a punch bag in the office! Great for stress relief
  • Drink water and green all day in stead of coffee and teas
  • Make sure you are getting good sleep every night – here’s why!

Now if you are finding yourself making excuses…… I can’t do that at work there is no room or I will look stupid.  Then start to ask yourself how much you really want to change and improve things.  Without change there is no change. So if you are a busy workaholic and you want body change, health and fitness then this could be the perfect solution!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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