The biggest challenge for most of my clients is breakfast time!

Most of us are time challenged for a number of reasons: family, work, travel, training early, too tired….

I believe that your first meal of the day is the most important one to get right.

The easiest and cheapest options are generally cereal based (most are over 50% sugar) and bread based options. These are refined carbohydrates and the very worst to eat as they generally more likely to spike insulin.

Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone. Therefore for fat loss to occur you need to keep insulin low, therefore you need to keep starchy carbs and beige foods low!

By choosing fuel that is slow to digest, satiating and that doesn’t spike your fat storage hormones, you will feel fuller all day and have so much more energy meaning less likely to succumb to the beige!


So with that in mind I decided to put my 5 favourite #SimpleFatLoss Breakfast Hacks to help you #BanishtheBeige for good!

  1. Soak whole porridge oats overnight. Add a teaspoon of chia seeds or add a scoop or two of my favourite whole food blend of gluten free protein powders by Purition.
  2. Using a simple #Paleo bread mix such as this one from Ugg Foods or my recipe here, bake in advance and simply toast a slice and top with mashed avocado and a poached egg or some nut butter.
  3. Create a massive breakfast bowl smoothie! Go crazy and add veggies such as avocado, courgette, spinach and add low sugar fruits such as berries. I add nut butter or chia seeds and use a chocolate flavour protein powder
  4. Create some ‘takeaway’ options by batch cooking some crustless quiches or egg muffins. These freeze so well and travel too!
  5. Batch cook some pancakes to reheat at work or eat on the run. Or make up the batter. Keep in the fridge and cook fresh in the morning! I have created a few options to work with. Paleo coconut pancakes, cinnamon and almond pancakes, banana pancakes

All these options are based on high protein, high fibre and good fats. Omitting or limiting the beige starches and sugary carbs you will manage your appetite and hunger effortlessly and better still… your body fat!

banish the beige

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

p.s. for more help and support to #banishthebeige and reduce your body fat then please do join us in Banish the Beige Community!

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