The average person gains around 8lbs over Christmas!


OK, so it is the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la, but it’s way to easy to think ‘oh well, it’s Christmas, I will just enjoy myself’ but if you start that thinking now, you could be in trouble come January. The average person gains around half a stone over xmas! And then fails to lose most of it in the new year!

So how can you avoid it?

  1. Bring your own food. Take fat controlling dishes with you. Fill up on protein and fibre based treats and stay away from the buffet table
  2. Eat before you go. Arriving to a party hungry is a disaster waiting to happen! I often have a protein shake or a protein based snack well in advance. And definitely don’t drink on an empty stomach!
  3. Don’t wear lose, elasticated clothes!. Wearing nice fitted outfits means you won’t be able to stuff yourself silly unless you want to feel like an overstuffed turkey of course!
  4. Clever food combining. The worst combo for quick fat gain is carbs and fat together! Alcohol and crisps for example, or mince pie and cream.  Sausage rolls, cheese and biscuits and wine! Strip the bread from sandwiches, eat the insides of the sausage rolls, eat the cheese but leave the crackers etc. Damage limitation is key!
  5. Keep hydrated. For every alcoholic drink, drink two glasses of water! This will avoid you over drinking in the first place, and second avoid a hangover and subsequent overeating the next day!
  6. Stay conscious of your eating and drinking. Make a decision before you go to choose fat controlling foods where available. If you can check what food is available before hand this will help you make the decision before you go. If need be, tell a small white lie, and claim to have a gluten or wheat allergy, or that you are on medication and can’t drink.
  7. Make yourself accountable to someone. Ask a friend of loved one to gently remind you of your focus. Especially if you find yourself wandering to the dessert table!
  8. Keep to a few bites bite. If in doubt, or you really want something, just have a few polite bites but without guilt. Know that you can choose to eat whatever you want. By feeling in control, you are less likely to let your guard down and ‘blow it’ completely.
  9. Fill your boots on veggies. If the buffet has celery, carrots and other veggies, fill up on those first. If at a restaurant skip the bread, starches and ask the restaurant to give you extra vegetables or salad. If you want a dessert, offer to share one with a friend.
  10. Choose your companions wisely. If your friends are likely to overindulge and go silly, then chances are they will want you too. So either be armed and ready or avoid them at christmas parties!
  11. Buy the best! By buying the best quality food you can, you will likely buy less. So by not having it hanging round the house for weeks on end you will be less likely to graze. A big bargain tin of quality street may seem like a good idea to have for unexpected guests, but if it means you will be picking at them, then leave them in the supermarket. Go and buy the best quality chocolates for the actual day and make your own mince pies!
  12. Don’t drink your calories! This is a massive pitfall for many at Christmas. With wonderful
    gingerbread lattes and hot chocolates, these can rack up 100’s of calories. As for creamy liquers such as Baileys, it can soon add lbs without you even realising. Choose Gin and slimline tonics, wine spritzers, champagnes and definitely avoid the bucks fizz!
  13. Walk!  Yes walk as much as you can. This time of year can be stressful, lack of sleep and parties can leave you feeling tired and more likely to crave the wrong things. Even just a short 1 min Fitstop move or 10 workout can help reset those hunger hormones. Any extra activity you can slip in will all help to minimise the potential damage and keep from feeling sluggish!
  14. If you over indulge? Avoid the temptation to go and exercise it off like made!  The best thing to do is drive the extra calories into building new lean muscle. So get those dumbbells out and do a Fitstop workout or visit the gym and LIFT HEAVY!
sometimes it happens

Remember, the average person gains around 8lbs at Christmas! This doesn’t need to happen. Accept that you fat loss efforts may need to be shelved for a short while, but it doesn’t mean you have to accept masses of extra fat to deal with in the new year.  At the same time, it’s a special time of year and should be enjoyed.  Christmas dinner is a wonderful opportunity to eat a cast array of seasonal vegetables with lovely lean meat too and it’s my absolute favourite meal ever!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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