Something very alarming has been happening to how we see and eat food. Something very alarming is happening to our health and waist lines!

Have you noticed it too?

I am guessing that because you are reading this, then yes you too are feeling some discord about the food we eat, diets and nutrition in general. Maybe you are seeking health or weight loss. Maybe you are already embarking on a beige free journey or just curious to know more.

I have felt this way for a number of years after experimenting with the Atkins diet back in around early 2000’s. It was a revelation to suddenly never feel hungry and be full! Something that NEVER happened during all my previous attempts to lose weight.

If it’s beige and dead, knock it on the head!

What is the one thing that #BeigeFree shares in common with the most successful approaches to eating such as Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, High Fat and Sugar Free?

There is no beige!

I can honestly say that going beige free was the best thing I ever did.

So what is beige free?

Going beige free is simply this. No longer buying or consuming man made food like products such as the beige, dead, processed stuff that crowds and dominates the supermarkets and high streets. Going beige free is taking back control and putting two fingers up to the diet and food industry.

In other words choosing health instead of sickness!

These foods are not fit or appropriate for human consumption and definitely not the vast amounts that children and adults regularly do today.

Going beige free is the least complicated first step that anyone can make towards a healthier and happier life and relationship with food. If you do nothing else, then just do this!

In the western world we have become desensitised to these foods which feature in all of our meals and snacks:

  • Cereals and pastries for breakfast
  • Snacks and biscuits
  • Sandwiches and crisps for lunch
  • Pasta or pizza at dinner
  • Chocolate and snacks before bed

We are even conditioned to eat snacks when in reality we really don’t need them!

It is sold and cleverly marketed everywhere so unless we empower ourselves and go #BeigeFree, we will never naturally seek the foods that our bodies crave and need to thrive.

So with all that in mind, here are my top ten reasons to go #BeigeFree and replace it with nourishing real foods:

  1. Beige foods are highly addictive. They are super tasty, easy to overeat and designed to make us eat and want more. Go beige free and over eating and food addiction will be a thing of the past!
  2. Beige foods are a catastrophe for our natural appetite and energy metabolism making us feel lethargic and crave more of the same food. This creates a vicious circle of addiction. Go beige free and you will have LOADS more energy and no longer need to snack.
  3. Beige foods stimulate our fat storing hormones and blunt our fat burning hormones making it impossible to lose weight even when in caloric deficit. Go beige free and you will lose weight effortlessly and won’t need to diet or count calories ever again!
  4. Beige foods take more nutrients from your body during digestion, absorption and elimination than they put back in. Go beige free and you can enjoy a longer and healthier life with reduced illness, joint pain, headaches and heartburn for example.
  5. Beige foods will disrupt your delicate micro-biome in the gut. Feeding and growing the bad bugs and starving the good bugs. This in turn increases your risk of disease, depression and feeling blurgh. Go beige free and reduce IBS and/or low mood.
  6. Beige foods disrupt your blood sugar levels meaning you are likely to have disturbed sleep and wake feeling groggy. Go beige free and you will wake up feelings refreshed.
  7. Beige foods stimulate hunger, appetite and cravings making you eat more calories than you need. You will no longer be relying on willpower to manage your weight or eating habits. Your natural appetite and hunger signals will begin to work again meaning you won’t be thinking about food all the time.Go beige free and will power is no longer relied on.
  8. Beige foods will alter your natural healthy weight set point meaning you will never maintain any weight loss no matter how hard you try. Go beige free for no more yo-yo dieting and diet frustration.
  9. Beige foods are filled with salt, sugar, flavourings and more which make our taste buds lazy. Therefore we no longer appreciate the fresh and beautiful tastes of simple and natural foods. You will fall in love with eating again! Go beige free and you will crave and enjoy healthy foods as your taste buds will come back to life!
  10. Beige foods make us lazy with our food choices. We stop cooking and being creative in the kitchen and skills are no longer being passed down. Cooking our own food makes us much more mindful and appreciative of what we eat. Go beige free and you will exercise your creativity, brain and start to feel empowered again by food.

There are plenty more but I think that’s enough to make you think about going #BeigeFree. Be that change and invite your friends and family around to cook them a beige free meal and see if you can inspire them to join you too!

I hope you will join me on this mission and help others see food differently.

What to know where to start? For more support and ideas, please come and join our on-line community here, where we are all practising the #BeigeFree way!

Big love, small tummies,

Jill – The Fat Controller

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