Once upon a time I didn’t even consider beige in my life….. Once upon a time I was so used to eating beige I didn’t even know my taste buds were being duped….. Once upon a time I didn’t appreciate the gorgeous tastes, textures and flavours of real food…… Once upon a time I as addicted, fat, tired and depressed… I WAS BEIGE AND DEAD!


You see we don’t know what we don’t know I didn’t know any different and it crept up on me. Before I knew it I was feeling beige and dead ALL of the time! What I can  say is this: You can learn to be a fat controller simply by starting become aware of it all around you. The frequency that you consume it. How much of your plate is beige, your lunch, your breakfast. Where is the colour?

  • Stop and look at food everywhere
  • Notice the colours
  • Ask yourself how beige does it look
  • Notice the counters in coffee shops, buffets, bakery’s canteens. Notice the beige everywhere
  • When you eat notice how dry, greasy or rubbery some beige dead food can be
  • Recognise how it makes you feel
  • Does it make you bloated, thirsty or eat like a crazed demon?
  • Maybe you feel great initially, but soon after that overwhelming urge to nod off or that brain fog hits you like a truck?

I promise that once you start to notice how beige and dead most, if not all, processed food is you will start to feel a lot more differently towards it. You will even notice how much easier it is to say no.

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If it’s beige and dead……….knock it on the head!

Big love, small tummies,

Jill – The Fat Controller

jill-back hici

p.s. You might be asking why I am banging on about beige dead food? Well you can read more here but in a pistachio nut shell here. If you want to feel fitter, stronger and happier, want to lose weight and feel great then…….knock it on the head!

p.p.s I am running a FREE support group teaching the fat controlling philosophy and how to replace the beige with life and colour! Join here.


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