Why you low calorie snacks could be making you fat and my top 19 fat loss snacks and cheats for fat controllers! 

Are you to busy to stop to eat?

Do you find it difficult to know what snacks won’t derail your fat controlling efforts?

Confused about what snacks to choose?

Or do you struggle to find any fat controlling snacks when out and about?

Healthy ‘v’ fat controlling snacks

There are plenty of ‘healthy’ snacks that you could choose from:

  • fruit
  • crackers
  • low-calorie snack bars
  • cereal bars
  • low calorie crisps
  • rice cakes
  • low-fat flavoured yoghurts
  • bagels
  • popcorn
  • breadsticks

Why these snacks could be making you fatter?

Despite many of these options being low calorie, it’s the type of calorie that is key to fat controlling and long term fat loss.

‘Healthy’ snack options tend to be higher in carbohydrates or sugars. This gives them high taste but often without the fat and so therefore low calorie.  Which sounds good right?

CAUTION!  It’s not as good as it sounds!

Let me simplify things a little. Fat controlling relies primarily on keeping two hormones in check. Insulin and cortisol. These powerful hormones are essential for life but when they are both hanging around in excessive amounts there is no hope of being a fat controller! No matter how low calorie you go!

The biggest influence you can have over these hormones is with the food choices you make on a regular basis. When constantly snacking on foods that stimulate insulin (even if low calorie and low fat) it makes it largely impossible to burn fat. What’s more, excessive blood sugar disturbance from eating this ‘healthy’ but often #beigedeadfood can create a see saw effect between insulin and cortisol. This combination not only encourages fat storage, elevates stress hormones but also stops fat burning from happening at all!

So how do you control these two hormones?

The most potent fat burning combo?  Protein and fibre!

It is becoming more widely accepted that for better energy, mental focus and fat burning it’s better to base meals on protein and fibre. The same is true for snacks if you want to maintain or achieve long term fat loss. Protein and fibre will not only help prevent excessive blood sugar swings, but they will also encourage fat to be burnt and muscle to be maintained. The perfect scenario for fat controlling.

So what is wrong with low calorie ‘healthy’ snacks then?

Well, here’s the thing. Low calorie, high carbohydrate foods generally don’t fill you up. They are low in fibre compared to their sugar or starch content and contain very little protein. Not great news for blood sugar control. Low fat items tend to have their fat content replaced with starches, fillers and sugars to give it taste but making them even worse. With barely any fat or fibre, the food is processed or digested quickly leaving sugar to shamelessly enter the blood stream in excessive amounts.

In order to cope with this scenario, the body releases the powerful hormone insulin to remove excess sugar from the blood.  Not only does this leave us with low blood sugar and then high cortisol (stress) levels, it has no choice but to fill the fat cells with the excess sugar if the energy is not immediately required.

And so this cycle goes on day after day with fat cells getting fatter and fatter.

BUT!!! worry not, The Fat Controller is here to share with you my top twenty fat controlling snacks that you can buy or carry around with you:

  1. Hard boiled eggs (boil up a batch every few days)
  2. Nuts (small handful)
  3. 3-5 brazil nuts and 2 squares of dark chocolate
  4. Nut butter and veggies/low sugar fruits (apples, pears)
  5. Berries and plain low-fat greek yoghurt (avoid the flavoured varieties)
  6. Protein shakes or smoothies (whey, rice, pea, hemp etc)
  7. Cottage cheese and fruit, berries or chopped veggies
  8. Tinned tuna
  9. Fat controlling carrot and ginger cake
  10. Beef jerky (most supermarkets, including M&S and BP petrol stations stock this)
  11. Turkey balls
  12. Crustless quiches
  13. Shop bought or homemade protein bars
  14. Sliced red pepper tortillas
  15. Protein scones
  16. Protein yoghurt
  17. Fat controlling apple and cinnamon muffins
  18. Pre-cooked chicken legs
  19. Chocolate protein pancake

All it requires is a little forward thinking.  For example:

A fat controller will always have fat loss snacks in their bag, draw or car

A fat controller will always think several meals ahead

A fat controller will always check out places nearby for potential fat controlling snacks

A fat controller will spend time each week prepping, planning and sorting fat loss snacks and tupperware pots or making sure they have some in the store cupboard

A fat controller will always cook extra for the freezer or next day

A fat controller will base their snacks on protein and fibre

A fat controller knows that smart snacking will prevent overeating later

And finally….. A fat controller also knows that if they get caught out then it’s no big drama so long as they don’t feel guilt and move on.

I wrote poem with this in mind.  Dear Fat Controller……..

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpRSkIeheQg”]

For more ideas on snacks and fat loss cooking, check out my new cook book out in December!  The Fat Controllers Autumn/Winter Cookery Book. In the meantime let me know your fat loss questions and issues!  I would love to help!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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