How many times have you tried to change something but you just can’t seem to get there. Despite wanting it bad there is:

  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Overwhelm
  • Doubt
  • Indecision
  • Negative voices

For years I was always on a diet trying to get thin. Or trying to make my business work. Or trying to start a new project. But I struggled. I couldn’t understand it. I felt strongly about my desires but I just couldn’t seem to step up or make the 100% commitment needed. 

I wasn’t until a had an epiphany and it hit me like a sledge hammer. I hadn’t defined my desire clearly enough. There wasn’t enough clarity or oooooomph behind the WHY I wanted that change so badly.

Yes I felt that wanted to change. But the strength of my fear, doubt, self-loathing, negative voice was far greater. I didn’t stand a chance of overcoming them. Whenever I made a small step forwards, I was immediately stopped in my tracks by the negative voice, the fear, the doubt.


That was until I uncovered the real reasons for my change. The the first time I fell I wanted the change so much I ached and it was stronger that any of the fears, doubts or negative voice in my head!

When your desire is stronger than your fear, that’s when things happen.

For years I knew I wanted to help my clients lose weight. I had set about doing that. But I wasn’t helping them enough, or as many as I could. So I took my pen to paper and set about writing. Not the words I felt I SHOULD write, but my heartfelt reasons for helping, the pain I had experienced myself and the words just flowed! Like a burst damn, I opened up my heart and I felt my desire felt so great I literally ached:

I remember too well how much food ruled my life. If I wasn’t calorie counting, I was starving myself or exercising for hours a day.

I dreaded eating away from home. If I lost control, I would spend days being disgusted with myself. Even when I was skinny, I wasn’t happy with myself. I learned:

Hating yourself thin is miserable and doesn’t work
Starving yourself thin is miserable and doesn’t work
Stopping and starting a dozen diets is miserable and doesn’t work
Eating less and exercising more doesn’t work
Putting the responsibility on a diet or on someone else doesn’t work.

I spent over 25 years testing all the methods that didn’t work until I realised that I didn’t need to work out! I needed to work in…on me first.

Self love, compassion, nurturing and nourishing yourself, finding peace and gratitude in everything lead to a new relationship with my body, then food, then exercise.

Now everything I practice comes from a place of self love. Guess what? It works!

I haven’t weighed myself in over 8 years. I haven’t calorie counted in over 15 years. I haven’t starved myself in over 15 years. I love food, love eating out and never fear it. I don’t turn to exercise to ‘burn off excess’. I use exercise to lift my mood and make me feel stronger.

I really want to share how I did this. Life is too effing short to be tortured in this way. Life is too precious to spend it agonising over how we look.

Now is the time to focus on how you feel!! Nobody wants to feel lousy right?

The power of my words are far greater than the power of my fear and doubts. So get clear on your why, your reasons and your desires and your strength to overcome set backs will seem insignificant!

I’m here to help if you want it!

Tap into your desire and feel it so greatly you literally ache!


Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

p.s. please join me and my community where we set about changing the things we hate! 

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