Despite how dark the place may appear

Don’t let the loneliness create and feed fear

Reach out to others, let them help you to see

The light that awaits you, to feel happy and free



NEWSFLASH! You’re not alone!

You don’t have to be alone……

This week the fitness industry and I were utterly devastated at the loss of one of our most loved friends and Fitness Professionals. Cori played a huge part in helping to break the stigma of mental health and depression. She selflessly helped those suffering dark times and gave her time tirelessly to help raise awareness and break down walls.

Cori, like so many, was not immune to suffering with bouts of depression and finally last week she decided that she could no longer bear it and sadly chose to end her life.

This news sent me and many into a spin. What did this mean? There was no hope? That even experts in the field couldn’t cure or help themselves?

All this week my newsfeed and mind has been occupied by what’s happened. 

I have been trying to manage my recent dark spells alone. Pretending to everyone that everything is OK. It’s bloody exhausting. The more you try to manage alone, the more you feel alone! Do you agree?

My conclusion is this. Too many of us are still trying to hide any suffering or we just don’t know how to reach out. Maybe we feel we will be judged badly.

IF there is someone you suspect that is suffering…. GO TO THEM! CALL THEM! Don’t wait for them to come to you. Because they won’t.

IF you are suffering…. PLEASE PLEASE admit to someone you are. Anyone. Just tell people about it. Let them know your thoughts and that you are in a dark place. Let Cori’s passing help others to recognise the seriousness of this illness. Her life and other’s lives lost to depression must NOT be wasted.

Rest in peace Cori and know that you work here will continue on

Big (huge) love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Cori then please do visit the link and help support one of her chose charities MIND.

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