What is #beigedeadfood anyway?

Any fat controller will start to recognise that #beigedeadfood no matter how healthy it is being promoted will help NOT with fat loss.  In fact most fat controllers are aware that #beigedeadfood will greatly impede any attempts at long term fat loss.  Yes sure, you CAN lose weight eating just #beigedeadfood (enter slimming clubs) but you can also lose weight by going for a number two! But what about losing body fat?

What is it #beigedeadfood anyway?


  t is a dirty rotten thief that’s what it is! It literally robs your body of health while giving you disease and extra body fat! [youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucMQKOYfjdE”] Join our FREE support group! Ditch the beige dead food and get your mojo back!

#beigedeadfood is basically food that has very little nutritional value. It can often be an anti-nutrient (in other words use up more nutrients to process within the body that it gives back).

#beigedeadfood clogs up the metabolism like glue. It messes with blood sugar and delicate hormonal balance meaning you are less likely to feel full for long and more likely to suffer fatigue, hunger, brain fog and general knackeredness!

#beigedeadfood increases inflammation within the body equalling belly fat, obesity, heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and other inflammatory conditions.

#beigedeadfood is fat storing in a packet/box. If starch and fat are loaded together then you can be pretty certain if you have excess fat on your body, particularily around the belly, then this combo will lilterally drive even more fat right into your belly! Worse it stops you burning fat EVEN ON A LOW CALORIE DIET OR IF YOU TRY TO OUT EXERCISE IT!

#beigedeadfood plays havoc with your hunger hormones driving you to eat more than you would normally.

#beigedeadfood is full of added sugars, emulsifiers, sweeteners, fillers, thickeners, salts. synthetic flavour enhancers, rancid fats and just about every other ingredient that not only sucks life from you like a dyson hoover but you sticks fat to you like superglue!

#beigedeadfood is highly addictive for some! So either avoid completely or tread carefully around!

#beigedeadfood is cheap, easy to overeat and kills your natural appetite and taste mechanisms! Some examples of the worst


  • Crisps
  • Ice cream
  • ready meals
  • biscuits
  • pies
  • pastries
  • cakes
  • sausage rolls and pasties
  • fried goods such as chips
  • breaded processed foods
  • pizza
  • sandwiches including wraps and pittas
  • gluten free products such as bread (OH YES!)
  • milk (YEP!)
  • Some processed cheeses, espeically low fat varieties
  • sugar  and sweeteners of most forms!

This list is not exhaustive but if it comes in a packet, box with a mahusive lit of ingredients and is ready made then chances are it is #beigedeadfood. If it is beige and cooked then likely it is #beigedeadfood (no matter what the food manufacturers tell you).

Not all beige foods are bad are they? There are some natural exceptions to this rule in moderation for those seeking a reduction in body fat. I say moderation as even these less processed foods can stop fat burning in some individuals. And even then some of these are best eaten in a germinated or sprouted state (not potatoes) so they are essentially not ‘dead’.  They are very similar to their original state or have VERY few added ingredients.

  • whole oats
  • quinoa
  • white potatoes
  • rice (choose wholegrain where possible)
  • organic natural yoghurts

Why is it too much of it so bad? The human body has not evolved quickly enough to deal with these modern man made disasters. The food industry don’t care about our health and only care about profit. The health industry do not care about our food as they too are only interested in profit from the drugs. We need to take drugs due to the amount of #beigedeadfood we consume making us sick. #beigedeadfood puts a huge strain on our metabolisms and anyone wanting to lose body fat would do well to ditch it completely (or at least 90%) of the time while they are seeking body fat reduction. For some lucky people who are generally naturally more slim, there metabolisms are well enough to cope with the disruption and avoid obvious signs of inflammation. BUT…. be warned, even if you are slim, then all may not be as you think inside your body where dangerous body fat can lurk around your organs! Join our FREE support group! Banish the beige dead food and get your mojo back!

How do I avoid #beigedeadfood? IMG_2024

  • shop around the periphery of the supermarkets! And don’t shop hungry!
  • use local veggie box delivery services or local farmers markets
  • buy my fat controlling cookery books
  • join my on-line 28 programme where I teach all the alternatives and how to live a life without beige!
  • avoid using processed foods and ready meals (even if they say they are healthy!!!!)
  • take your own food to work
  • batch cook at weekends and stock up the freezer on simple home cooked fat controlling meals
  • if you must have it, then ask yourself how you can counteract the potential damage. Like adding greens to it or just eating less of it
  • fill up on greens and protein so there is less room to eat the beige stuff
  • be prepared all the time and carry food with you or plan your meals in advance

Manufacturers spend a fortune on making a ‘bliss’ point in their #beigedeadfood. This bliss point ensures that you not only overeat this food, but you get addicted to the taste. This then kills you natural ability to taste real food as your taste buds are over stimulated by artificial sweeteners and sugar. For some people you simply have to cold turkey! If you are someone who craves certain #beigedeadfood then it is likely that you will need do this! Take caution: simply removing #beigedeadfood is not enough. You need to replace it with fat controlling alternatives such as:


  • lettuce leaves as wraps
  • open rye bread sandwiches
  • cauliflower rice
  • courgette pasta
  • fibre based pasta products such as Slim Pasta (shiratake noodles)
  • homemade pizza
  • crustless quiches
  • salads
  • sweet potato chips
  • celeriac mash
  • butternut squash wedges
  • Cauliflower rice kedgeree

The possibilities are endless and I have some great recipes on my YouTube channel including the cauliflower rice. Go take a look. HateitchangeitTV If you want to know more about learning how to be a fat controller, then why don’t you join me on on one of my on-line fat controlling programs! I will share with you all you need to know to start a new way of living and how to ditch not only the scales, but the #beigedeadfood!

Big love, small tummies! Jill – The Fat Controller jill-back hici p.s. It’s FREE! If you want help and want to learn more? Join our FREE support group! Banish the beige dead food and get your mojo back!

p.ps want to work with me for 7 days? Fancy a free #DeBeigetox with food plan, shopping lists and inspiration.

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