Would you like to know how you can build a fitter, stronger and happier body with just 1% of your day?

I am no fan of exercise but I am a fan of how it makes me feel.

After years of spending WAY to much time in the gym and getting burned out WAY to much I eventually discovered a way to exercise LESS but MORE efficiently.

I am now fitter, stronger and happier than I have ever been.

Despite turning 40 this year I am in better shape than I was when I was 18!

Want to know my secret?


I LOVE food and anyone who knows me will agree. Food was always a problem for me. I used to have such an unhealthy relationship with it and hated PE at school. I was either starving myself eating dried bread and apples or gorging on sweets, cereals and bread. I couldn’t find a middle ground.

After getting fatter and fatter and my self-esteem all but disappearing into the ground I quite by chance discovered exercise. I thought it was the answer to my prayers. The weight started to come off and I started to feel great. I made small changes to my diet and I thought I had really cracked it.

That was until I found I needed to exercise more and more to enable me to meet my every growing appetite. Before long I was exercising every day and at every opportunity. Even qualifying as a personal trainer and teaching some 15 classes a week didn’t help me keep my weight stable. In fact it got worse.

I noticed I was more tired and hungry than ever before and my weight was creeping back up. I once again became depressed….. that was until I discovered every girls best friend!

I bought myself some weight training manuals and started following some of the industry greats. Pretty soon I was in the free weights section of the gym lifting! The more I lifted, the heavier I lifted the tighter and more toned I got.

What’s more my appetite and cravings stabilised. Best of all was all the compliments I got about my changing shape. For once, not only did I feel and look good, I actually felt in control! I had became a fat controller!

But this was only part of the puzzle. I knew there was work to do on my diet. And after years of trying to eat as little as possible for as long as possible only to wind up bingeing it was going to be tough but slowly I learned to change what I ate and actually eat more of the right things rather than less of the wrong things!

Healthy grilled salmon dishFinally I had found a way of eating that never left me hungry. The binges stopped. The guilt stopped. The weight came off and more importantly the right weight. I shed fat whilst building a lean physique. Right before my eyes I saw the shape of my arms and legs change. My waist nipped in, my butt lifted and I had this overwhelming feeling of power and strength.

Today I simple love getting into the gym for a quick 20-30 minute session. Long gone is the shy, slightly chubby girl now replaced by this strong Amazonian woman who can take on the world…..AND throw away the scales forever!

  • Would you be interested to feel this way?

  • Would you be interested in feeling strong, powerful, lean and in control of your mind, body and health?

  • Would you be interested if I told you that I could teach you a unique, affordable and fun way to help you achieve the kind of lifestyle that affords you to eat well, live well and never diet again?

  • Would you be interested if I told you that all you needed was 30 minutes, just three times a week to build a fitter, stronger and happier body?

  • Would you be interested if I told you that you can ditch the diets, eat real food and start to feel amazing straight away

Through all the years of personal training and teaching classes I always wondered why I could never satisfy my hunger or cravings and found it hard to maintain my body weight. But after discovering this smarter way to exercise I now only spend a fraction of the time working out and I feel the best I have done in years! – JG

After training with the leading health and fitness experts from all the over the world I developed Fitstop Fitness and Fat loss classes. They are just 30 mins long (or 10 minutes at home) and they get results fast! In fact you will feel the benefits immediately. The time literally flies by and I have carefully selected the best energising music from Gym Symphonies which really pushes you to challenge the body. After all what doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you!

Edita Nov - March

Watch a sample of our first ever DVD available from my shop.

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Milton Keynes is the first to offer this programme. And I can’t wait to tell you the results we have been getting so far:

Hello ladies, its 12 months plus now since I started with Jill and those of you who were around last year probably remember my delight getting back into a very expensive Donna Karen white silk skirt that was my favourite. I have by no means stuck to fitstop for the 12 months rigidly, Some things have stayed with me. I seldom eat rice, pasta, bread or traditional cereals to name but one area of change. Vino is still my weakness, and when I stop drinking I loose weight. I am going to Italy in 4 days and I have packed said white silk skirt, it fits! 🙂 – MTB

There is literally no other class like it around. Along side the classes you have the option to join the on-line support community, attend shopping events, cookery workshops, follow the on-line programes at home and even join us for our BRAND NEW fitness retreats!


What if I can’t make the classes?

Don’t worry I have thought of this already. I have recorded my very own DVD and incorporated all the education into an-line program so you can easily follow at home and still gain all the support from this growing community and of course myself. Read more here. You can even start today! 

fitstop-vip-scrollLive classes are being held at Willen Pavilion in Milton Keynes but as the demand grows I will look to offer more and more classes.

Loving the 3 classes per week option as it’s made a huge difference to my physical and mental wellbeing – EG

Fitness and Fat loss is more than just exercise. This is why I have developed a fat controlling lifestyle solution. Alongside the workouts I also deliver cookery and mindset education in  the form retreats, classes, workshops and seminars.

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If you are interested to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact me: inf0@hateitchangeit.co.uk

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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