Simply swapping these two words can make or break your diet.

Yes! It really can make the biggest difference.

There is a very famous saying:

Don’t think of a pink elephant

And immediately we are thinking of a pink elephant. Humans don’t like being told what to do. Even worse they don’t like being told what NOT to do. Yet we are busy bossing ourselves around all day.

You start a diet and everything is going well. You are ‘in the zone’ until…..

A friend invites you out for cocktails…..

Your response?

‘Damn it…..I can’t have cocktails I am on a sugar free diet’

Then someone in the office brings in birthday cake!

‘OMG I can’t eat that cake. I must not touch any of it!’

Guess what you think about?

Your mind is filled with the pain of missing out on all the things you CAN”T have. Your will power battery drains to minus figures and your rebellious side is coming out in full swing!

‘F*ck it’ you cry and off you go on a rampage of beige!! Diet over.

Did you know that the average diet only lasts around 19 days!

So what do you change ‘I can’t’ to and why?

Like a child, the moment you say ‘I can’t’ you will not stop thinking about it until it drives you to insanity and to the vending machine faster than an ice cube melts on a BBQ.

Instead…. take the power back and choose! Turn an imposing and restrictive rule into an empowering choice.

I don’t!

That’s it. So instead of saying I can’t you simply swap to I don’t. That way YOU make the choice.

  • ‘I don’t eat cake at work as it ruins my concentration’
  • ‘I don’t buy things from vending machines, I am someone who eats real food’
  • ‘I don’t drink sugary cocktails. Instead I prefer to drink low carb gin and tonics’
  • ‘I am not someone that eats sugar, it ages my skin and drains me of energy’
  • ‘I just don’t eat many carbs. I feel better this way.

You see, you can begin to feel massively more in control when you use words that give you power instead of taking away your power!

Right that’s me done. I don’t sit long at desks. I am someone who loves to move about! (see what I did there?)

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

p.s. I don’t do beige food but I do do dark chocolate!

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