I am in utter disbelief that anyone could dream up such a ridiculous celebration of #beigedeadfood!

OK so I am not some evangelical nutter who never touches junk food! I used to be a food addict and a junk food addict for that matter. But I was one of the lucky ones to discover that it was slowly robbing me of my vitality and health.

Sure I will from time to time indulge in some well thought out chosen processed foods such as Pizza or ice cream. But for me it’s a choice I make rarely. And it’s simply because I know I CAN eat those things if I wish. However, I choose not too for 90% of the time because I value my health and wellbeing much more.

So why rant about #NationalJunkFoodDay?

Most people are eating junk food EVERYDAY anyway. For goodness sakes… every day is junk food day for millions of people around the world. Why create a day to celebrate it? Why not create a #CelebrateDiabetesandHeartDiseaseDay or #LetsGetFatandSickDay

There are more people now overweight or obese and malnourished than there are starving people in the world!

Doesn’t this horrify people into taking a reality check with their foods?

The food industry have brainwashed us all into thinking beige foods are OK to eat everyday.

How my fat loss journey started

FOR GOODNESS SAKE….they are not!

Please take responsibility for you and your loved ones health and wellness. Empower yourself against the food industry, who are basically just a legalised drug trafficking industry, and then lead by example. Apart from the Pharmaceuticals, would any other industry get away with such blatant ‘poisoning’ or ‘slow murder’ of the western world?

I have not set out to offend or preach, but merely to voice my opinion. What do you, which in my opinion is an irresponsible attempt to lighten a serious issue,think about this?

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Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

p.s. Join me and a growing community of people learning how to ‘Banish the Beige’ and replace with the foods that we are designed to eat. Join for FREE here.

p.p.s. How about a #NatioanalBanishTheBeigeDay instead?

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