I am delighted  to share with you some terrific results just in from my first ever on-line fat loss programme.

I knew the content and workouts could deliver results if applied but nothing could have prepared me for the level of results I was seeing.  This is not an ‘extreme’ diet.  There is no intermittant fasting or strict elimination of food groups.  This programme is designed around real food, effective exercise and eating more of the right things.  What’s more, the level of support the group gave each other during the journey has been outstanding and I have enjoyed this project more than any other so far.

There has been a huge demand for an on-line solution to fat-loss and health to an audience of people I just couldn’t reach in my local classes.  I also had learnt from working with busy women that it was really difficult for them to commit to a gym membership or attend regular exercise sessions.  Research has proven that people achieve greater results when working with a group and I had seen this first hand in my live group sessions.  Along with daily support, motivation and encouragement there is a level of accountability you don’t get working on your own.  Sharing posts of  before and after shots along with your food acts as a real motivator to achieve well.

I am looking great, and I’m setting a great example to my 3 girls who will never have to diet they will grow up with a heathy mum who is confident to take them swimming without being paranoid about her body. In turn they will never have the problems I have with food. Thanks to Jill Gardner and my new friends :-))) – Jayne

Ignite has enabled me to deliver short and effective workouts that participants can follow and do along with me at home.  I have filmed them in my own living room to prove how you can do this programme anywhere.  We use a combination of body weight exercises and dumbbells based routines.  I also use the rest based training concept as this is suitable for anyone regardless of fitness levels and abilities and means that we achieve a lot more in less time!

Before the start of day 1 you are instructed to take a before photograph and take measurements.  This is highly motivating for most as it gives you a starting point.  And for many it’s a real eye opener as it’s a chance for them to really see where they are at. Prior to starting you are given access to the private members only page where all the information is provided.  You are given a shopping and equipment list so you can get prepared.  There are technique videos and instructions on how to choose the right sized dumbbells.  Throughout the 28 days you are given daily workout videos to follow and a huge selection of recipes with some video demonstrations too.  We also work on mindset and habit forming skills!  I have found that the people most successful at long term fat loss have spent time learning new skills and habits that will help them sustain this way of living forever.


Day 1 Ignite

I feel a little bit sad with it being the last day 🙁 But the good news is i have lost 10 inches and 9lbs in weight 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just shows that you can be wearing a size 10 and going to the gym on a regular basis but that diet coke, chocolate and bread habit is not actually helping. Until i started this programme with all you lovely ladies and the wonderful and inspirational Jill Gardner i never realised how much fat i was carrying (as you will see from the photos…eeeeek), and you can do all the sit ups in the world but until you remove the fat you will never see the results…FACT. Thank you Jill and everyone else for their support, and wishing you ALL the best going onto the next 28 days…onwards and upwards 🙂 x – Igniter

Day 28 Ignite


I am really proud of this programme and am looking forward to developing it even further.  The more I work with women in this way the more I learn about their struggles and difficulties and the more I can help design programmes such as this one in order to help them feel and look better!.  For more information please see my sign up page or drop me an email jill@hateitchangeit.co.uk.  Make sure you follow me on Facebook for news and information and you can checkout my videos on my YouTube channel

Have lost 9 inches and 5 lb in total Happy is an understatement! Can’t wait to do another 28 days ;-} xx – JR

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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