I am back after an amazing weekend of education, learning and inspiration from what I consider to be the leading fat loss experts in THE WORLD!


I have been following Metabolic Effect for over 5 years now after I fell upon their page quite by accident on Facebook. I was immediately drawn to their refreshing approach that everyone is unique and all that is unique about us must be honoured in our approach to health, wellness and fitness.

Metabolic Effect was founded by two Drs. and brothers, Jade and Keoni Teta who launched Metabolic Effect as a local boot camp in 2004 and have grown the company to an international presence.  They are the developers of our rest-based training method, the metabolic physique conditioning system and have certified close to a thousand Metabolic Effect professionals in the ME workouts, ME Diet and ME Lifestyle and Mindset coaching methods


This was a company who’s primary objective was to educate people. Sure you can give people fish but this companies mission was clear! They wanted to teach people to fish for themselves.

Over the course of the next 5 years I have not only watched the company evolve and grow, but I also jumped in and became a qualified ME group exercise instructor and fat loss/nutrition coach. Off the back of my education from ME I have produced some amazing programmes and helped many clients achieve LONG term success where diets have previously failed.

So this weekend, the entire team flew over from the states to spend two days with us. Not only did we have Dr. Jade Teta and Dr. Keoni Teta share some ground breaking stuff, they were joined with Jill Coleman of JillFit Physiques for the most refreshing mindset techniques to quit dieting and Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta of Fix Your Digestion who shared with us the importance of gut health for fat loss and wellness. We were treated to not only some cutting edge scientific discoveries but also to some fantastic ways of applying the fat loss approach in our diets. Lincoln Bryden from the UK helped deliver the exercise sessions and pulled the whole event off for us.


Day 1: Dr. Jade Teta

Jade spent the first day reviewing fat loss versus weight loss and the 5 laws of the metabolism. He covered the very reasons why diets fail and how people are getting fatter. In summary the 5 laws of the metabolism are:

The Law of Metabolic compensation: When you diet by using the eat less, exercise more approach you are fundamentally setting yourself up to fail. The body will simply fight back by compensating and creating a fat storing engine. The exact of opposite of the ideal scenario. The metabolism will fight back with increased hunger hormones and cravings and slowing down the metabolism making it impossible to stick with a diet.

The Law of Metabolic Multi-tasking: The metabolism can only focus on one task at a time. It can either be building or breaking down. Or in other words you can be bulking up (storing fat or building muscle) or breaking down (burning fat or muscle). In order to achieve the right outcome hormones need to be balanced and this is never achieved with a standard dieting approach.

The Law of Metabolic Efficiency: In order to burn fat you actually have to make your metabolism LESS efficient! In other words keep it guessing and make it HARDER for it to store energy as fat. Dieting actually makes the metabolism MORE efficient at storing fat! The opposite of what you want. The metabolism doesn’t work in a linear fashion and so you need to create disruption to stop it compensating because the last thin you want is for it to efficiently store fat or burn muscle.

The Law of Metabolic Individuality: Our metabolisms are as unique as our finger print. So using the same approach as everyone else is futile! Honour your individuality in both your genetics, lifestyle and preferences. When it’s fair or not, some of us simply are able to eat more carbohydrates than others and not store fat. Just the same as some of us can build muscle more easily that others. Learn you individual metabolic tendencies and design the diet to fit YOU!

The Law of Psychic Entropy: How much will power do you have at any given time? How many times have wanted to ‘start’ a new regime only to find you just can’t stick more than a day? Will power is a battery and so many things can drain our batteries leaving nothing left to help us maintain the habits we want to learn. Learning new habits takes mental energy and if we expect too much at once, we will almost certainly fail at the outset. Understanding the concept of Psychic Entropy will enable us to devise an individual approach that doesn’t drain our battery power to zero.

For the full in depth article from Dr. Jade himself, click here:

Dr Jade covered the truth about weight loss and what the experts say and how it truly is:

What the experts say:

lower calories – lose weight – obtain a balanced metabolism

However, statistics prove time and time again and time again that this works less than 5% of the time

H0w it really works:

balance metabolism – naturally lower calories – lose weight, maintain and feel amazing

We are constantly told to eat more and exercise less but we are beginning to understand that this creates a boomerang result with the metabolism. Sure you can lose weight by eating less but eventually the metabolism will compensate by slowing fat burning and ramping up fat storage. This is impossible to sustain and results in inevitable fat gain and diet misery.  Jade covered several different ways to keep the metabolism guessing and your fat burning furnace fired up. The main two being:

Eat less and exercise less or eat more and exercise more!

Despite this sounding contradictory, this has a positive influence on the metabolism. If you think of an athlete. They eat to fuel their training and achieve an athletic body yet most people approach fat loss the opposite way. Eat like a bird and exercise like an athlete and expect the same output. It is exhausting, miserable and simply does not work!

If you use exercise as a means to lose weight and reduce calories continuously then you have to continuing exercising and eating to the same degree to maintain that weight loss. You may even have to do more to maintain the loss. If you are not enjoying the process or it’s not sustainable to keep it up, then you will NOT be able to sustain the weight lost.

Weight loss v Fat loss

To lose weight you can just simply cut calories. But to burn fat and create a lean body you need to focus on fat loss foods that are highly satiating and that encourage fat burning hormones. These foods also help balance the metabolism and even out hunger and cravings meaning you can easily sustain this way of eating. Fat loss foods are high in protein, fibre and water (shut hunger off). They are more difficult to over eat and tend to be naturally lower in calories. Fat loss foods are NOT beige, dry or processed (turn hunger up). I tend to call these #beigedeadfood and I have created a support group to help people learn how to replace these foods with real fat loss foods in their diet resulting in natural, enjoyable and sustainable weight loss. Join us here: #banishthebeige

You can check out their latest book here:


Look out for the summary of day two where I cover the exercise components, anti-ageing, gut health and the tools and techniques to lose the all or nothing mindset all covered by Jill Coleman, Jillian Teta and Keoni Teta.

me team

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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