And I am not exaggerating.

Last year I attended the FIRST UK Metabolic Effect Summit and LOVED every minute.


If you aren’t aware of the team at Metabolic Effect then I have failed you! These guys are the world leading experts in the field of naturopathic medicine, fitness, fat loss, health, gut health, mindset, self-development, anti-ageing and soooooo much more!

These guys are my go to for EVERYTHING. 

I have not only learned knowledge that has helped me through my own health issues, I have gained qualifications and education that has enabled me to empower and inspire my clients, followers and friends. I have also developed my own programs and seminars such as Ignite!

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82 people have already booked onto the Metabolic Effect Summit that is taking place in May 2016.  Just to remind you this will be 2 days of exclusive fat loss, natural health and well being information from Drs Jade and Keoni Teta, Dr Jillian Arno Teta (Fix Your Digestion), Jill Coleman (JillFit), Gary Leake and international fitness presenter Lincoln Bryden!


As well as a full program of education lectures and masterclasses, Dr. Jade has also agreed to provide the following early bird booking bonuses:

1) Full recordings of all of the lectures and seminars
2) The Metabolic Effect Fasting program
3) The Metabolic Effect Mindful Eating program
4) Full Recording of the Nutrition Pre Convention Seminar that Jade held at Blackpool last year.
5) The Metabolic Effect Lifestyle Bundle which includes far too much to list here!

Fore more information about this incredible opportunity to meet the entire ME team please follow this link. I will be there soaking up their incredible passion and knowledge: Read here:

Look forward to seeing you there!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


p.s. don’t forget click here for the early bird saving of £100 is valid until the end of February!

p.p.s here is a podcast and taster of what Dr. Jade will share over the course of the two days. Click here:

What You’ll Hear:

1:10 Dr. Jade Teta’s book, The New ME Diet,  dietary recommendations for sugar burners, coconut milk and substitutions for almond milk  (reader question)

2:21 Program for the masses needs structure

5:19 Suggestions for sugar burners

5:47 What is healthy vs what works for weight/fat loss

7:38 HEC in check

8:05 Chilblains, frost bite and Reynaud’s (reader question)

8:33 Lifestyle and increasing blood flow

10:04 Reynaud’s and suggestions

11:51 Half marathon preparation and weight training (reader question)

13:27 Being genetically predisposed to an activity

15:10 Turning marathon training into desired body results

16:28 Four movements for effectiveness

17:18 Protein and fiber intake

18:00 Healthy cardiovascular lifestyle when genetically predisposed to heart disease (reader question)

19:17 What we know about exercise

22:22 Learned family behaviors and patterns

25:43 Recommended tests for cardiovascular concerns

28:58 New research and statin drugs

30:40 Natural anti inflammatories

32:03 Drinking organic cocoa, how much is too much (reader question)

33:28 Your body’s response

34:30 Metabolic uniqueness

35:15 Compounds in cocoa and euphoria

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