The best ways to burn fat?

This is a BIG question! There is no ONE single way to burn fat. Instead there are a number of ways to burn fat. When you practice as many of these suggestions as possible you will get more results.  Some of it will be more effective for you than someone else so best to monitor your results from your efforts. That way you will know which ones are working the best for you. So what are the best ways to burn fat?

  1. Sleeping consistently every night (ideally fasted for at least 12 hours. For example the last meal is at 7pm and first meal not before 7am)
  2. Cutting out the insulin stimulating foods such as #beigedeadfood, sugar, wheat and excessive regular alcohol consumption for example (stick to a couple of cheat meals a week to eat what you like)
  3. Switching to a protein based breakfast such as eggs including fibre such as avocado or spinach. Making lean proteins feature at most meals will stimulate fat burning
  4. Including greens, vegetables, salads and low sugar fruits at each meal will increase full-ness and alkalinity
  5. Making your diet and lifestyle more alkaline will help increase your fat burning potential (including a greens drink  or alkalising salts for example can help)
  6. Drinking plenty of clear water
  7. Take up weight and resistance training. Building a lean physique is the single most important thing you can do in terms of exercise for long term health (I have a few of my fat burning DVDs left on special offer)
  8. Take up regular leisure activity such as daily walking
  9. Surround yourself with other people with the same or similar goals
  10. Avoiding long duration cardio activity which promotes increased hunger and muscle burning in most people want to improve lean mass. Instead choose HIIT activity to promote muscle growth and fat burning.
  11. Fidgeting and moving around regularly to increase thermogenesis or NEAT as it’s called can increase daily calorie burn by 100 calories
  12. Consistent effort. None of these things will work if done sporadically. Doing little things everyday can make a big difference over time. So be patient and consistent.

There is no one thing that will work in isolation. Although the big rocks are avoiding the #beigedeadfood as much as possible can have the biggest impact without doing anything else for most people. Which one will you start today?

Big love, small tummies Jill – The Fat Controller

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