You the know exactly what I mean when I talk about those mornings that start off on the wrong foot. You sleep in because you keep hitting the snooze button…….(probably because you went to bed too late?) Create a (1) The snowball effect…… Because can’t find your favourite pants You spill your coffee No time to prepare your healthy lunch You skip breakfast You can’t find your car keys You shout at everyone… they shout back! Yep, stress levels through the roof before you even step foot out of the house. So how does this impact your day? Often times we let this set the tone for the entire day. Because you skipped breakfast,  you grabbed a muffin and latte on the way to work. This sets you on the sugar roller coaster leaving you feeling cranky. You craving more coffee and sugar, making you more cranky and tired. Nothing goes right. You snap at everyone. You feel cranky. Argumentative, tired, frazzled and you can’t seem to do a thing right. EVERYTHING seems to be going wrong. Yep and YOU are the cause. The reason you are is because (be+the+cause = because) the bad stuff happen. YOU became the victim to the very first thing that happened that morning. Yet we blame everyone and everything else for it not going right. It’s call the ‘victim mindset’

I can’t lose weight. I have no time. Nothing is going right. I am so tired. Why me?

Imagine if you had got up just 30 minutes earlier and allowed yourself plenty of time to have a calm morning. Imagine if you had prepared breakfast and lunch the night before? Imagine if you had just taken a mindful moment during that frantic morning to reset the balance. A few deep breaths and a quiet moment to restart the day the right way? The same is true when following a healthy lifestyle. One slip up doesn’t have to lead to quitting. One morning muffin along the path to health and wellbeing doesn’t mean the whole day, week or month needs to be a binge fest of beige! Own it and choose to take back control! Own that shit! So can you spot the potential for the ‘snowball effect’? Owning the fact YOU are the cause and YOU have control allows you to stop it in it’s tracks! Owning the slip up is the first step! When you start to see them you can easily take back control and get back in the driving seat. So don’t let one bad thing snowball into a bad day, week or month. Big love, small tummies Jill – The Fat Controller

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