The 8 essential habits for people who don’t want to worry about their weight


Hands up who has dared to step on the scales since Christmas? Hands up who doesn’t dare too? With another year about to end and million of people around the world all thinking the same thing……

I have GOT to sort my weight and fitness out this year!!!

Hands up who is planning to smash their health and fitness goals this year and lose that belly for good? Well STOP before you go any further! Are you just going to start another diet? Have you even got a plan? Or are you just going to simply starve yourself and go to the gym to go every day religiously? How long do you think you can keep that up for this time? I have been there. I have been the one letting my hair down over the holidays…..thinking ‘it’s OK becuase come the New Year I am going to sort my shit out finally!’ and how I have been there when New Year comes and just like any other time of the year……I can’t stick to the ridiculous changes I have set myself in such short space of time! DIETS DON’T WORK! You might see some results short term but for many reasons just simply slashing calories and trying to torch fat from your body is like trying to punish yourself into shape. Your body will resist like nothing else!

So how do you overcome this never ending battle with the bulge?

I have put together the 8 essential habits that you will need to master if you want to get of the battle ground and stop the war going on within you. I will teach how to strategically coax your body to release fat stores and KEEP it from coming back! Are you ready?

The 8 essential habits for people who don’t want to worry about their weight

  1. Be honest with what you are really eating! Keep a diary for a short time if need be. But most people think they eat healthy when in reality it is much further from this than they think. If you want to stop worrying about your weight you HAVE to get to grips with why you are struggling right now! Right it down!!! Know where you are before you start!
  2. They focus on feeling great instead! They THROW away the scales and use their favourite jeans or dress to measure weight loss. They use their level of vitality and energy to determine how well they are. I repeat they do NOT use the scales. Throw them away (read why here!) and learn to shift your focus to feeling great EVERYDAY for the longest time.
  3. They know what they like to eat and from that measure what is healthy. They then stock all the cupboards and fridges ALL the time. They remove all the things that derail from the house and the environment. They avoid situations that encourage them to indulge too often. They plan their food in advance and rarely leave it to chance.
  4. They don’t look upon this journey as hard! Ever hear yourself ‘but this is sooo hard…’, ‘I just get bored with the food’. ‘I never get the time’. People that never worry about their weight NEVER state how difficult it is…. Instead try ‘I love experimenting with amazing and nourishing foods’. ‘I love to try new ways to exercise and meet new friends’. If you state how hard it is…… guess what? Yep you WILL find it hard. That I can guarantee!
  5. If they do indulge they do it WITHOUT guilt. It’s a one off and the damage isn’t done in one session. The trick is to not let it ruin everything you have achieved so far and let the train runaway. They plan their events and indulgences for special occasions and look forward to it without trepidation or anxiety. People that don’t worry about their weight give themselves permission to indulge knowing they can slip back onto the righteous track immediately.
  6. They find ways to move their bodies in a way that they LOVE! With so much choice out there it is imperative that you find an activity that gets you moving on a regular basis. For some that will be the motivation of seeing their muscles develop and fat reduce and for others it will be the magic of dance and music. My daughter is passionate about horses and thinks nothing of spending a whole day mucking out stables just to get a 30 minute riding lesson! The point is they can’t wait to move and look for opportunities to get moving instead of how to get out of it! Dreading exercise will never encourage you to stick to the long road of this journey.
  7. They never skip meals to punish themselves. They never count calories to extreme levels. They never abstain from EVERYTHING they love. They believe that a certain level of moderation is key for staying out the journey. They know that the journey will never end and they need to practice this EVERYDAY for the rest of their lives. The understand that you need to LOVE the journey and embrace all the it has to offer be it learning to cook, journaling, finding a new activity to get you fit, new friends to support your quest….. People that never worry about their weight focus on living, enjoying and being the change they want to be rather than simply ‘trying’ for a short time.
  8. They base most of their meals on food that looks REAL (not #beigedeadfood) and in it’s natural state. They don’t reply of manufactured or processed foods. They eat those on limited occasions. They look for ways to nourish their bodies as often as possible becuase they know this is THE best health insurance policy.

Weight loss is a byproduct of being healthy. Remove the words ‘try’, ‘hope’, ‘might’, ‘wish’, ‘hard’ and become empowered RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow, not Monday but RIGHT NOW!

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Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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