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I want to tell you how you are being brainwashed!

I want to tell you why it’s impossible to lose weight and why you will never succeed!

That’s if you continue to listen to the doctors, diet and food industry!

There is a significant number ways you can lose weight and if you are like me you have probably tried a good many of them…… without much long term success!

And you know what….. they are all protocols. They are all have rules, guidelines and instructions to follow from A to B. For some reason we like to have something to follow. Something to start and finish……

  • Jill, tell me what to eat, when and how much!
  • Jill, tell me the latest diet methods to lose weight fast!
  • Jill, if I take this supplement will it speed up my metabolism?
  • Jill, if I combine this food with that will I lose weight?
  • Jill, if I only eat protein will I lose weight?
  • Jill, what’s the best way to burn belly fat without exercise?
  • Jill, if I give up grains will I lose weight from my hips?
  • Jill, if I fast for two days a week will I lose weight in time for my holiday…..?

You could pick any of those and design a program to help lose weight. But is weight loss and fat loss the same? NO!

How many times have I heard it…. just eat less and exercise more!! Why is this THE worse possible dietary advice? Read on…..

What is the common denominator for weight loss?

Calorie deficit = pretty easy to achieve temporarily. Just pick any of the above and eat less and exercise more!

What is the common denominator for fat loss?

Calorie deficit PLUS hormonal balance = not so easy to achieve (the opposite of the above and impossible to achieve on #beigedeadfood)!

What is the common denominator for fat loss that is sustainable?

Calorie deficit with hormonal balance by eating tasty and real foods that will keep you feeling satisfied and healthy. And by resting and moving your body in equal and appropriate ways!!!

I have lost 5lb in 4 days! How’s that happened? I have been dieting for years and it’s taken ages to get that much off. Not touched anything but meat and veg xx

The diet and food industry want you think that it’s possible to diet through eating less and moving more. They also want you to think that you can achieve a healthy weight by eating their #beigedeadfood! How many people succeed? Less than 5%!!

So what’s wrong with eat less and exercise more? Given that people are in trouble b because of the type of food they are eating. Just eating less of it ins’t going to make them healthy or lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Eating LESS #beigedeadfood is still the same malnourishment as eating too much! It is still disrupting the bodies metabolic pathways and health creating a battle with the bulge and health problems to boot!

A clients typical day (barely able to get through the day they are so tired):

Breakfast: diet cereal, toast and low-fat spread, juice, coffee

Snack: biscuits or diet-cereal bar

Lunch: sandwich, crisps, juice or diet-soda

Snack: chocolate bar or toast with low-fat spread

Dinner: Pasta

What do you notice about this? What would it look like laid out on a table?

We are starting to realise a problem…….despite dieting since the 40s we are getting fatter and sicker. Despite there being more gyms and more diet foods than ever before we are MORE malnourished and fatter than ever before. Have you started to notice the back lash to sugar in the press of late?

Sugar Puffs renamed as sales dwindle!

So why are we getting fatter then?

With all the confusion about whether you should be eating fat, sugar, protein, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, Atkins is it any wonder we are all looking for the magic pill?

NO I am not surprised either. People are desperate to be told EXACTLY what they should be doing. They are confused and fed up. Literally FED UP of the sh*t we are being told and fed.

People are desperately trying to lose weight but completely oblivious to why they can’t. And that is because the food we are being sold is breaking our ability to manage our appetite, health and weight naturally. The food we are being sold is making us sick, fat, tired and eventually beige and dead!

So I am going to be bold enough to tell you what it is you EXACTLY that you should be doing:

This is exactly what you should be doing:


Eat like a human did to become a human: REAL FOOD that either grows in the ground and looks like REAL FOOD. Or food that has been killed. Food that was the only food we had before the food industry came along.

Don’t continue to eat like the sick beige and dead beings we have become eat: Avoid #beigedeadfood, processed, junk, denatured fake and cheap foods made for profits only! Start to open your eyes to all the beige!

Avoiding all foods that are fake: Fried fake, baked fake, grilled fake, dehydrated fake, flavoured fake, pretending to be real food fake! Remember all the clever marketing is to make you part with your cash!

Avoid foods with labels. If you do choose a food with a label…..Read it: And if the it has more than one ingredient……..

Food that has more than one ingredient on the label: boxed, cartons, tinned, jars, bags…. if it has more than one ingredient or worse…. ingredients you can’t pronounce or it takes more than 1 second to read the list…. then ditch it!

Foods that claim to be wholesome or have been fortified….: wholesome food won’t come in boxes/packets… if it’s real it doesn’t need to be fortified!

Food that you can re-heat in minutes: If it hasn’t been cooked by human hands in a real kitchen and it’s re-heatable in minutes……. run for the hills! There will be nothing nutritious about this meal regardless of what the packet states!

Diet foods: Firstly they have labels. Secondly LOTS of ingredients. Thirdly the very notion that we need diet foods is wrong! We don’t need diet foods…. we need REAL foods! Ditch the diet foods!

Food shop locally or by missing out ALL the central aisles in the supermarkets: The only food you need is the food that can go off!

This is just the beginning. I have sourced some very talented chefs to work with and help develop more resources and ways to learn our way out of this mess.

I have also set up a FREE support group to help people wean themselves off of #beigedeadfood! We are sharing out stories of success and methods of eating real food. Pictures of inspiring recipes and cooking gadgets all designed to make our lives easier, better and happier.

Have you ever tried courgette spaghetti?

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.36.21

Courgette spaghetti

I would love to have the whole nation ditching the beige and feeling amazing. Too many of us have become brain washed by an industry only interested in profits. They are NOT interested in your health. When they appear to be, it’s only because sales have declined.

I urge you to take control back of your health. Don’t leave it in the hands of someone who doesn’t care! I do care.

Join us here: Ditch the beige dead food


Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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