Learning to be a Fat Controller is a bit like learning to play an instrument.

You don’t become great after just a few weeks.

It can take thousands of hours or many many years to master a skill.  Just look at the dedication of any professional musician!

Fat loss is no different.  You can’t attack it with a single-step process that you follow for a few weeks and then stop!  Try, try and try again with dogged determination!

You have to be prepared to make mistakes and accept less than perfection – because it doesn’t exist.

As long as you are conscious of your mistakes and are willing to be mindful of how you can learn from them, then making mistakes is actually the key to your success!

Here’s an example: I started out on a fat loss journey when I was a young teenager.  In fact I was 13 when I started becoming aware of my weight.  I made so many errors in my initial stages that I actually gained weight.  I dieted like crazy, starved myself silly, got obsessed with the scales.  Each time I gained back the weight and more.  My relationship with food got worse and my self-esteem plummeted.  So you see I made a ton of BIG errors in the beginning.   But none of it was my fault and none of it meant I was weak.  I just didn’t know what I didn’t know!

But I didn’t give up!  I tried other methods.  In fact I kept trying different methods for many years.  Yo-yoing along the way, and have small short successes at times, getting depressed and generally hating myself.  BUT I DIDN”T GIVE UP!

So what kept me going?  A desire to succeed.  A desire to beat my weight battles.  A desire to feel good about myself.  A desire to like myself.  And I am even ashamed to admit that I had a desire to be liked and loved because at that time I believed that being over weight would prevent that from happening.

But the point of my story is that I got to where I am today learning from the mistakes I had made.   In fact I LOVE that fact that I have had this journey.  I LOVE the fact I am still on a journey.  Learning everyday about myself and my unique metabolism.  Learning how I can feed it information and fuel to make it work better and feel better.  Each day I learn more and become better and better.

I have always wanted to learn to play the piano.  I have been dabbling on and off for many years.  But because I don’t practice consistently or everyday my progress is slow and I am nowhere near being a master.  My desire to play the piano clearly is not as great as my desire for fat loss!

I have been practising fat loss now for over 25 years and I am getting pretty damn good at it.  That’s not to say that I still don’t make errors!  My body changes with age so it’s an ever moving goal post but ultimately I am now in the driving seat.  I have practiced being a Fat Controller over and over and over again and I am now a Master Fat Controller!  I can burn fat at will because I am accutely aware of what works for me…….AND what doesn’t!

So back to the point I was making!  You too can become a Fat Controller!  By finding people that have trodden the path before you to help guide you,  by opening up your mind and accepting that failure is nessecary to succeed with conitnued practice and having a desire so strong that eventually you will become a Master Fat Controller and be able to burn fat at will!

So go forth, be a brilliant Fat Controller and I would love to help you along the way!

Big love, small tummies

Jill  – The Fat Controller



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